My NOT ON THE HIGH STREET shop is now officially open!

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It’s here! How exciting!

I now have a very professional looking shop open with NOT ON THE HIGH STREET!

You can find the shop here, which is full of my vintage stamp jewellery….it’s all hand made by me and every piece is totally unique! Look out for more treasure going onto the shop soon though….I intend to launch my treasure charm necklaces there very soon!

Hope you like!

Ems x

Tuesday Tutorial: Jewellery Picture Frames

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I actually first made these to display my jewellery in at a pop-up shop I was exhibiting in, but once I’d brought them home I thought they’d just be perfect for keeping my own collection all tidy! I have a beautiful big jewellery box, and a big hat box that’s crammed with jewellery too, but despite all that my things invariably end up strewn across the fireplace in the bedroom!

photo (6)

I have my flavours of the month, then they get buried underneath the next favoured few, and before too long I’ve forgotten what I have! This way though I get to show off several pieces at once, keep them all de-tangled and then just swap them back into the jewellery box when I want a change!

photo (7)

These are super easy to make, and only took me moments. They’re cheap to put together too (I made them using bits and bobs I already had at home!) and don’t take any special skills!

What you will need:

  • Picture frames (broken, or with the glass and backing removed)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Small cup hooks
  • Drawing pins
  • String
  • Mini pegs
  • A bradawl tool, if you have one, or something sharp and pointy if not! (Please be careful!!)
  • White tack or picture nails

How to make:

1. Along the top edge of your tallest frame, measure the inside edge and mark out where you’d like each hook to go using the pencil

2. Using the bradawl, start off a hole at each mark

3. Screw your hooks into the holes, ensuring they all end up facing the same way

photo (4)

4. Along each side edge of another frame, measure out and mark with a pencil where you’d like a string to cross, leaving a good 5cm in between each

5. Push a drawing pin into each mark

6. Tie string across and between each set of drawing pins

7. Attach pegs to the strings

photo (2)

8. Now they’re ready to go on the wall, either suspended on nails or just attached with white tack (like mine!)

9. Hang long necklaces from the hooks, and rings, brooches etc. from the pegs

photo (1)

10. Stand back and admire your work!

Ems x

photo (3)

Wednesday Wants: Tatty Devine AW13

It’s here! It’s here! The new Tatty Devine Autumn Winter Collection is here! And as a matter of no surprise whatsoever, I want it all!

The collection is all loosely based around a 60s psychedelic solar system theme, but of course there are some twists! I love all the pearlescent Perspex and the darling little sprinkles of glitz. It’s all super fun, just as you’d expect, but wearable to boot, as usual.

Here I go with my current for-runners though…..


Head In The Clouds Rainbow Necklace, £95.00


Head In The Clouds Brooch, £60.00


La Luna Moon Small Necklace – Opal, £40.00


Planet Brooch – Amber, £40.00


Planetary System Statement Necklace, £150.00


Psychedelic Heart Ring, £25.00

You can see the rest of this wonderful collection here…. What’s your favourite piece?!

Ems x

Vintage stamp jewellery

I’ve been making little bits and pieces of jewellery from stamps for ages now, and have sold some at craft fairs and pop-up shops, but I’ve never really gotten around to listing them to sell online. I had a whole load of really lovely stamps that were just begging to be used though, so I recently made up a big batch to sell!

They are something of a labour of love these brooches and pendants….they take over a week to make, as I have to remove the stamps safely from any backing, paste them onto veneer, strengthen the veneer, trim and file down the edges, apply *seven* coats of varnish to them, and finally add the brooch pin or necklace. I do love making them though and turning something old into something new is great fun, especially because these stamps are the sort of thing that just won’t get enjoyed otherwise….and they are too pretty not to enjoy!

I have lots all ready to go, but for now here is a little selection of my favourites….I’ll let you know when they are all online and ready for sale! What do you think of them?

Ems x










IMG_5369   IMG_5385 IMG_5404 IMG_5408   IMG_5416

Wednesday Wants….a super quick round up of my latest Etsy favourites

Sorry! Can’t stop! Crazy week of adventures going on! Will tell you about it later!

To keep you busy in the mean time, here are some of my latest ‘wants’ taken from my recent Etsy favourites……

Make a wish upon a star... Tiny enamel gold star necklace - Delicate Jewelry -

Make a wish upon a star… Tiny enamel gold star necklace by Little Me’s, £8.63 each (although I’m gonna need one in each colour!)

Colorful in bed. Pajamas sleeping shorts (Clothing lingerie panties)

Colorful in bed…… Stripey sleeping shorts by Di’Soro, £16.19 (I’ll have to wait til it warms up a little though!)

Sweet Tooth…. Gold Bracelet by Jack and Hazel Store, £10.33

UNICORN and RAINBOW necklace, GEMMA Correll Illustration, eco-friendly silver. Handcrafted by Chocolate and Steel

Over the rainbow….. Unicorn pendant by Chocolate and Steel, £37.57 (I will never grow up!)

Large Butterfly Mobile, Paper, Art,  Hanging, 3D, Nursery Decor, Baby, Baby Shower, Girls Room

Take flight….. Paper butterfly mobile by Simply Chic Lilly, £48.58 (my home studio just won’t be complete without this)

SALE Japanese Washi Masking Tape -  Red hearts in Clouds 10m

Hearts in the clouds…. Washi tape by Cinderella, £1.94 for 10m (that’s 10m of joy!)

Women's Bird Top Handmade Grey Cotton Jersey Vest Tunic Tank Top

Someday I’ll fly away…. Hand made cotton vest by Baggy Fitted, £21 (is that little bow to die for or what?!)

GRACE. Leather ballet flats. Womens flat shoes. US 5-14 sizes.

Made for walking…..Grace leather flats by Elf Elf, £64.87 (I could make believe it was summer in these)

Happy browsing!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….Stocking Fillers

To me, stocking fillers have always been things like satsumas and Ferrero Rocher. But I’m noticing lately that the shops are telling us that much bigger (and more expensive!) things will make the ideal thing to bulk out your over sized sock. But as much as I love tradition (and Ferrero Rocher), this post was never meant to be about the things I will possibly have….that would be so dull….it’s about the things I lust after, no matter how extravagant!

So with that in mind, here are a few ‘stocking fillers’ I’ve had my eye on…..

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 19.09.56

Diana Baby 110 Gold Edition

I adore my Diana camera, which Adam bought me a few birthdays ago. I love its plasticy-ness and the crazy photos it comes out with….not to mention the way people look at me when I use the brilliantly huge paparazzi-style flash. It’s not *the* most easy thing to carry around though, especially with the umpteen lenses and accessories I was lucky enough to receive alongside mine….but this baby-sized one is! I’m crazy about its shameless glitzy-ness and bling-factor….it’s so different from the super-retro black and blue of the original one. It’ll cost you almost as much as that though, as this special edition is £59 from the Lomo shop. Still, a bit of bling is worth it!

Lee Broom Crystal Light Bulb

I really can’t think of something much more extravant to fill your stocking with than this. Inspired by the delicate craftsmanship of crystal cutting, this decorative light bulb-shaped crystal light fitting from Liberty has been individually hand blown before being cut with a classic crystal pattern and etched with the Lee Broom logo. Apparently it refracts the light beautifully as a play on the common light bulb versus a glitzy chandelier. Clearly for the person who has everything! Especially at £109!

And as a rather blingy theme has emerged….I give you…..

18k Christmas Bow Necklace

I am totally in love with this. It’s sooooo shiny and wonderfully fun and festive. I would like to think it would go with everything too. But then I’ve never been shy about wearing something a little OTT with a T-shirt and jeans. It’s made by hand by ilithe, and is available on Etsy for £625. And I bally love it!

Happy stocking stuffing!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants…..Tatty Devine Christmas Selection

My love of jewellery brand Tatty Devine is no secret. Their highly original and playful designs have a major draw for me, and so when I spotted their Christmas selection, it was all WANT WANT WANT!…..

I adore Christmas crackers….the loud(ish) noise they make, the shiny paper, and the fun bootie inside. I’ve got naff Christmas cracker trinkets from years back, and I’ve been known to get into bed with my paper hat on at the end of Christmas day. So when I heard that Tatty Devine were selling Christmas crackers, I was straight onto their website to have a look.

These ‘Deluxe’ crackers include everything you need to make six perspex necklaces, so you can all sit around the table crafting away! Inside each colourfully wrapped cracker is a chain, jump rings and instructions to make up your very own necklace with the perspex charm that adorns your cracker. Also inside the box are pliers to share and even jewellery boxes to safely stow them away in. Oh, and of course, the obligatory hat and joke!

The Crackers are handmade in England and cost £75, available from the Tatty Devine website. I know it’s quite steep for crackers, but when you consider that’s six necklaces that would usually set you back at least £15 to £21 each, it makes for pretty good value really.

I’m currently getting all excited about my forthcoming trip to the Christmas Markets in Vienna. I adore the Continental Christmas markets and all the pretty stuff they’re packed with….there’s something so very traditional about them and far less commercial than Christmas can be over here. And Tatty Devine’s enamel gingerbread designs remind me very much of that quaint ‘chocolate box’ version of Christmas, which is probably why I’m in love with this pretty brooch.

It’s so shiny and bright, and is beautifully adorned with icing style writing saying ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ which means ‘I Love You’ in German. Christmassy AND romantic! It’d be super cute on the collar of a winter coat and is just £15.

Now what’s Christmas without a Panto?! Cinderella has to be one of the best, and that’s maybe why this Cinderella headband is one of my favourites. It’s made in a lovely pearly white perspex and rather screams fairytale Christmas! It’s £60 and also available in black.

My favourite thing by far though is the most over the top one! I am just crazy about the ‘Christmas Spirit’ necklace which is cleverly made up of all sorts of Christmassy things….there’s mistleto, stars, crackers, bells, holly, bows and some rather handsome robins. I love the mixture of colours and the almost-symmetry of the design, and it’d be the perfect thing to Christmas-up a little black dress for the festive party season! It’s £85, so not pocket money….but maybe Father Christmas will be kind!

Ems x

Under a Glass Sky Give Away on Rosalilium!

Quick! Quick! Head to Rosalilium! I have a give away currently open there!

You can win all of this……


That’s a custom ribbon banner necklace (winner chooses the name and colour)…… a set of four ‘It Bird’ prints (which is a flamingo, an owl, a parrot and a peacock)….. a bubble gum necklace in pink, green and blue….. AND a bubble gum ring in pink, green and blue!
Head over to Rosalilium now to join in!


Ems x


Wednesday Wants….. Hand Made treasures by HandyMaiden

I come across treasure I want every day on Etsy. It’s an occupational hazard. Rarely do I come across an entire shop of things I desperately want though….but this week I did just that!

HandyMaiden is a darling little Etsy shop, selling hand painted jewellery and collectables. Each piece is sculpted from polymer clay and then is cured and meticulously hand painted….. the detail is amazing and each piece has its own little character. They are then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish, and come in their own small kraft box, ready for gifting.

Cute Packaging!

The treasures break down into three main categories…. the animal medal, the bird in flight necklace, and the pocket totem. I want one of each. In every design. And considering the price, that’s not actually *too* pie in the sky…. the treasures range from about £15 to £40, which I think is excellent value, and shipping to the UK is just £3.29.

If I *had* to choose though……

Custom bird in flight necklace, £39.50

How stunning are THESE?!?! And so wearable too! I am in LOVE with that Puffin!

You can actually ask for any bird you like to be made specially….I was thinking that a Goldfinch would be nice and it’s one of my favourites. They are about 1.5′ wide, so big enough to be a statement but small enough that you don’t feel silly. They take about 3 to 4 weeks to make, but make a great gift for a special birthday.

Custom animal medal, £32.92

And how adorable are these little medals?! You could wear these as a brooch on a cute cardi, or use them to embellish a bag even. Again, you can choose any animal….I adore the little bambi there, but the bear is lovely too! A great idea as a well-done gift I reckon!

Any animal pocket totem, £34.24

Now I have no logical *need* for a pocket totem of any sort, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love it, and sometimes the best gifts are something you don’t need! You can have a pocket totem made as any animal you like, and they even make pet portraits too! I would love a little totem of each of the dogs in my life (Adam’s mum’s Newton and Piper….and Adam’s brother’s Buddy and Peanut)…and Hedges the cat of course.

There are also brooches and earrings in the shop, so if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover…look no further!

Ems x

Tatty Devine “Name Necklace Now” Launch Party

Last night I popped into Covent Garden to join the party at Tatty Devine‘s Monmouth Street store….. This week sees their “Name Necklace Now” event to celebrate the launch of their permanent new in-store lasercutter. With this in place, you can just pitch up, choose an acrylic colour, chain colour, charm, and of course the name you’d like, and they’ll make it for you right away!

I have loved this brand for ages….. their original store is local to me, and I’ve been loving the special pieces they have on show at Selfridges along the Jubilee theme. I adore how quirky and over the top everything is…. the colours are just wonderful and it’s all so wearable (and inexpensive). The Rob Ryan and Belle and Sebastian pieces are also waaaay tempting!


And in addition to this exciting new service, they have launched a brand new acrylic colour to add to the myriad of options!…. The lush lilac shade was revealed at last night’s party, and I was lucky enough to be given a lilac-themed goody bag to celebrate! All wrapped up in a pretty Tatty Devine tote came a gorgeous Penhaligon’s Lavandula classic candle, Essie’s beautiful Lilacism nail colour, Dylon’s fabric dye in French Lavender, a pair of House of Holland Pretty Polly fishnet anklets in Sweet Lavender, a giant packet of Swizzles Matlows Parma Violets, a mini box of Tea Pigs’ Jasmine Pearls, and a very pretty Tatty Devine heart shaped ring in the new acrylic shade. What treasures!


It was super fun, all piling into the little store to ogle all the pretties. There were parma violets aplenty, and a rather lovely cider I’d not tried before. I spied so many pieces I would love whilst there….. Top of the list is probably the mirrored green parakeet…. stunning!


The celebrations continue into next week with stacks of competitions, raffles, discounts and give aways. I particularly like today’s Friday the 13th themed giveaway to win an ‘Unlucky’ Name Necklace (enter by including @tattydevine on a #FollowFriday tweet on Twitter today. If you don’t win, you can still get 20% off any necklace with a ‘@’ or ‘#’ in store today). And if I were in London tomorrow I’d probably pop in wearing lilac (I have a very pretty Lulu Guinness shelly bag in the same shade!)…. you can get 20% off any Name Necklace in the new perspex colour when you drop into the store wearing lilac. Check out the shade in my name below! (That’s not me, just someone else with my name, but I want it!)

I wonder if I could get an ‘Under A Glass Sky’ name necklace in the turquoise mirror?!?!

Ems x