Well I’m not going to go into our move in issues. We’ve spent too long writing complaint letters and emails. And it’s boring. Suffice it to say that when Adam and I moved in together for the first time, into our little flat within a huge old Art Deco Bank at Tower Hill, all did not go as smoothly as we’d have liked. Still, after a good few weeks’ cleaning, interspersed with periods of rest to watch The Good Life (sating Adam’s Felicity Kendall crush and my current enthusiasm for the 70s), we managed to settle in. With the help of my first ever Horlicks (chocolate to be precise, and I found I needed a little more milk and less mixture than advised by the packaging) we triumphed over our once-rank flat and several weeks of cold-induced germyness, in order to begin enjoying our new home.

Despite the less welcome elements of the ice cold weather though, we did enjoy seeing London laced with snow from our great new viewpoint at the flat, and even felt jolly enough to tolerate and sometimes help the droves of tourists now swarming so close to our home, always asking for directions and huddling across our paths for photos. And the smell of chestnuts roasting on the walk home from work at that time of year will always be welcome.


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