In the beginning…..

Without wishing to give it a naff title, I’m rather hoping that my Blog might be a sort of a diary of how wonderful it is to live in the centre of London. Since moving to Zone One in December, having already lived in London for ten years (mainly Zone 2, but for a little while even Zone 4!), I’ve found I’m appreciating My City so much more than I’ve ever done before and perhaps making the most of it even for the first time. Never before have I felt quite so much like I really ought to spend every available moment experiencing everything the city has to offer, with the appetite to try everything I possibly can. Perhaps it’s because I know that one day in the not too distant future I will become a dreaded *grown up* and shall by some divine and automatic impulse have the sudden urge to ‘settle down’ somewhere ‘nice’.

So, whilst I’m enjoying my new found enthusiasm for London, I’d like to record (and share, if you would care to) what I can, as and when I have chance to / remember / don’t get distracted by the next thing. And to get me started I would like to summarise these first few months here in our little city centre flat….or at least the bits I can now recall.


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