By January we had our little flat suitable for viewing and ready for our first guests. And so, dear friends Matthew and Siobhan came over for what was to be a wonderfully extended Sunday lunch (Cider Brined, Bacon Wrapped Maple Pork Loin), and we scoffed for hours, drank plenty of Cham and Port to wet the flat, and Siobhán introduced me to What Would Emma Pilsbury Wear and Domestic Sluttery whilst the boys talked about, er, boy stuff.

My boy displayed further patience whilst I spent hours traipsing round the special exhibition hall at the V&A for the superb Diaghilev and The Ballet Russes Exhibition (leaving him in the bookshop). Despite getting irate with the people who had obviously come along to the late friday opening as a social jolly and spent most of the evening chatting in groups in front of the exhibits, as well as the school kids who insisted on standing in the way of some of the treasured pieces for ages just texting rather than actually taking anything in, I was totally enchanted by the drawings of Leon Bakst (one of my all time favourite theatre designers) and the glitteringly inspired costumes. Some of the pieces were truly the stuff of dreams and make believe, and having written a large part of my dissertation on Diaghilev and his company, I found myself grinning and squeeing enough to draw concerned stares.

January also saw the beginning of our office’s Graze Craze. Little brown boxes started to appear, holding treasures of healthy treats we were soon all swapping and sharing. I can’t say that it’s really made me healthier, stopped me eating junk, or helped me drop a dress size, but they sure are yummy….and their arrival each week is like a micro Christmas morning!

The King’s Speech will be the film I most remember from January, and not just for all the awards it inevitably scooped later in the year, or even the ensuing Best of British craze which I have been only too happy to lap up. I laughed and cried, almost in equal measure, and was so very touched by the wonderful performances of Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush. The costumes too have got me looking forward to the Heritage trend we’ve been promised this autumn….bring on the tweeds……

Yummy pork recipe from Epicurious…


What would Emma Pilsbury wear?…


Domestice Sluttery…Home Sweet Home…


Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes…


Grazing Treats…



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