Maoz. Lunch in Soho

We did a little light shopping yesterday (some cute baking gifts from John Lewis for a friend’s birthday and just a few pairs of shoes from Bertie and Kurt Geiger in passing) and to fuel our trek we popped into Soho for something to keep us going.

I’ve been meaning to return to Maoz since I went there years ago with a vegan friend. It’s now moved so I was a little confused trying to find it, but really it’s very handy just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus on Old Compton Street. Maoz is an all vegetarian falafel bar, and although that may sound like they’ve pigeon-holed themselves into a tiny menu, there is actually plenty to choose from.

We chose a Meal Deal which included a wholemeal pitta filled with lots of excellent falafel balls, humus and a large slice of fried aubergine, as well as a cone of Belgian fries and a tin of fizzy pop. At £5.90 a real bargain I think, especially as when they call you up to collect your meal you’re told you get to top your pitta with as much salad and sauce as you like. As many times as you like.
From their fine fresh salad bar I opted for some fried mushrooms, baby beetroot, red cabbage, couscous and coriander sauce. Adam opted for coleslaw, fresh tomato, fried cauliflower and yoghurt sauce. All was delicious and perfectly fresh, as were the fries (perfectly chunky too). You can also choose from different falafel-filled pittas, topped with yums likes avocado, Babbaganush, boiled egg, and Feta.

You can eat in at the canteen style benches, or take out (although I know I couldn’t tackle mine standing up!). And the place is open til 2am on Fridays and Saturdays (1am the rest of the week apart from midnight on Sundays) so it’s perfect for late night bingeing after soho drinks. Oh and there are franchises all over the world, a couple in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Netherlands and LOTS in the USA where you can even have it delivered.

We’re sure to see more of this happy little place, if indeed  we did rather stuff ourselves and nearly spoil our dinner. It’s great value, fast and convenient, and ever so yum.


5 thoughts on “Maoz. Lunch in Soho

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  2. I go there for my tea at work all the time! I love it. The chips are always dry and gross though. I’m glad you got a good batch!

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