Imagine my Joy…..

Imagine my joy when I returned to the office today to find a delightful little stack of colourful matchboxes bearing treasure on my desk! My colleague Melanie had just returned from LA fashion week, and we all got goodies!

Jenny and Jimbob are a couple with serious skills….. Jenny designs these adorable pendants whilst Jimbob hand makes them in silver and gold. They are so full of charm (pun intended), their intricacy and wit make them something to keep staring at (and we girls have been getting so many complements already!).

What perhaps really sets them apart are the cheeky and clever titles which go with each….’Remember’ is a camera….’Harmony’ is a record player….’You are adored’ is a door….’You’re great’ is a tiny grater….’Great cleavage’ a meat cleaver! And each one comes in its own enchanting match box….it’s like when I was little and I used such things to keep my treasures in, or made believe that fairies lived in there….so very magical! They make me feel like a child discovering a precious secret….and rather like Grayson Perry and his ‘ever-curious love of stuff’ which inspires him and keeps him working.

Jenny and Jimbob’s pendants will shortly be in Joy stores as well as on Amazon in the new year (although the latter will not be taking up the matchbox packaging) thanks to Melanie and her Mellie J Showroom. And Melanie will be celebrating the launch of Mellie J in London with a sample sale at The Goldsmith Pub and Dining Room in Southwark, on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2011. Come see!


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