Poppies of Spitalfields

We just got home from what was supposed to be a quick trip to the Lomography shop to pick up my latest batch of photos, followed by a fleeting visit to The Luxe for a Manhattan. And whilst we were successful in both of these tasks, we were just far too lazy to walk all the way home before supper (and furthermore cook it)…..and so it was that we ventured just over the road from Spitalfields Market to the wonderful Poppies.

A legendary haunt in the East End, ‘Pop’ and his family have been serving Fish and Chips since 1945. The gloriously retro diner style cafe, decked with chrome, mirrors, black and white photos and the most stunning turquoise juke box, is staffed by equally gorgeous waitresses dressed in vintage pinnies and head scarves. We also couldn’t help noticing how impeccably clean the place is, and how unlike so many similar places, there’s not a chip or scuff to be found in any of their tableware or furniture. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it hard to leave without humming the catchy 50s tunes they play, oh so discretely in the background.

For our naughty supper, Adam and I both opted for tea (lovingly delivered in a pot each, placed onto a cute Hackney Cab design coaster), then Rock and Chips. With mushy peas, of course. Our food was delivered in super speedy time, and was super delicious to boot…. The fish was gorgeously moist and tender, the batter crisp and tasty, and the chips chunky and, well, Adam reckons ‘light’.

There’s no way we could have managed pudding without needing a cab home, and let’s face it, the ten minute walk is absolutely necessary to clear some of the calorie guilt, if not actually work off any decent proportion of the meal. But then, it is a Monday night, and when better for a pick-me-up treat?!

PS. Poppies also have a Blog…. here….. http://www.poppiesfishandchips.co.uk/blog/ and offer a take away service as well as eat in! Do try!!



7 thoughts on “Poppies of Spitalfields

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Poppies but had heard it had gone downhill lately – glad to hear a review that states it is still going strong. I might take M as he really wants some proper fish and chips.

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