Cleverest worky Christmas gift! Christmas Survival Kit

I LOVE Plunge Productions. Tim has worked on some incredible projects and his creativity never ceases to amaze me.

So it was no big surprise when I unwrapped the little mystery parcel from its brown paper packaging and found that inside was the most clever and fun gift I’d received in the office…..and that it was from Plunge.

The cute pink box takes the form of a ‘Christmas Survival Kit’ and is jam packed with useful and fun stuff……

Jammed into the tiny box is…..a book of Christmas Carols, chocolate bottle liquer, a golden wrapped pressie, wrapping paper, a make-your-own snowflake, a gift bow, a paper crown, an After Eight mint chocolate, Alka Seltzer, mistletoe, holly, a candle, Rennie, tiny scissors, a mini stocking (stuffed with tinsel, a hazelnut, a pen, wrapping string and a candy cane), a chocolate coin, a little Lego Christmas tree, gift tag, bauble and Father Christmas himself!…..Thank you Plunge!


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