Stamp around …… This year’s home made Christmas cards!

Time has been tight this year, so we needed to plan something that wasn’t too time consuming when it came to making cards and gifts. We rather failed on the latter, spending weeks preparing our little festive hampers (another post on that coming soon) but I am super pleased with our cards!

Trying to think of something we could quickly reproduce in large numbers, we came up with the idea of making our own personalised stamps, which we could then print onto cards as many times as we needed to!

First we sketched out our designs onto paper……(I am particularly proud of the monogram we have made, which Adam came up with!)……

Then I copied this onto a normal, rubber eraser (to make the stamp bigger I did this in two halves)……

And then I set about calving out the shape with a craft knife……

When I’d done both halves, we pinned the two together to create one stamp……

And then it was time to get printy……!

We opted to print our little trees, and our monogram onto post cards, and then all we had to do was write them…….!

Merry Christmas!


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