The Artist


In keeping with our not-too-stressy-busy weekend, Sunday’s entertainment was just a quick cinema trip. I’ve been aching to see The Artist ever since I heard a new silent film was coming out. I have to say, I was a little confused by the trailer but the little dog had me enchanted within seconds so we just had to go see the whole thing.

Set in the late 20s and early 30s, the film revolves around the film making industry, which of course then was sans sound. Dropping in and out of films within the film, I was very soon captivated by the silent style….the way the actors communicated was not at all hammy as I’d expected, but somehow all the more touching and rousing as they had to use anything other than their voices. It was easier to get into than I’d imagined too, with few of the full screen subtitles (although these were fun when they did use them) and very quickly I felt I could practically lip read the dialogue.

Jean Dujardin played the hero, George Valentin, a dream. He looks so much like Gene Kelly that at times I forgot it wasn’t, and his quirky set of teeth had me melting. Berenice Bojo, as the cutely named Peppy Miller, was equally as charming and had me hankering for my flapper dress and former 30s style hair cut. James Cromwell and John Goodman also provided top notch cameos.

The real hero though was Uggie, playing Valentin’s faithful dog. Adam and I went wild every time he came on screen and even more so each time he performed a new trick. Perhaps because I couldn’t hear his bark, I was gripped by his chats with his master, believing that he really was talking to Valentin like in some 80s kids film. So delightful.

The music for such a film is so important of course, as for the most part it’s the only thing we hear, and it’s pretty perfect in my reckoning. And with stunning costumes all over, it was a visual treat to say the least.

A funny, romantic beautiful romp, I’d recommend The Artist to anyone who loves their films pretty, witty and with a happy ending.



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