A Pretentious fry up….. The Breakfast Stacker

The pretentious fry up

I’ve been making these for years, ever since I went on a post A-level girly holiday to Greece and got hooked on them on our blurry mornings at the pool side cafe. I love a fry up, like any good British girl does, but there is something about putting it all in a bun that both poshes it up a bit, and makes it all the more naughty!

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an every day thing, or even a once a month thing. This is a special, naughty, gluttonous breakfast of epic proportion, and must be reserved as a delicacy and a special treat.

The idea is simple….put all the usual ingredients of a proper English fry up in between two bits of bread. As tall as you might make it, it always looks like less food than when it’s all over your plate, and there’s the added bonus of the bread soaking up all that yummy egg yolk and bacony goodness. I can’t think of any way I’d rather eat a cooked breakfast, at home at least, and so when Adam suggested we incorporate a fry up into our slightly slobby weekend, I knew this was what we had to do.

Here is how I made ours today…..

  • Free Range Lancashire Sausages – 1 per person – grilled, so started these first…and once done sliced in half.
  • Birdseye Potato Waffles – 1 per person – I also like to home-make hash browns instead of this layer if I have chance (not on a slobby weekend though!).
  • Duchy Originals Oganic Free Range Smoked Back Bacon – 2 rashers per person – I like to fry these in the fat I trim off each rasher.
  • Chestnut mushrooms – 2 per person – sliced and fried in olive oil.
  • Heinz Baked Beans – 2 tablespoons per person – just warmed through as you would usually.
  • Free Range hen eggs – 1 per person – fried in the bacon pan last of all!
  • Duchy Originals incomparable English Muffin – 1 per person – sliced in half and buttered with Rachel’s Organic salted butter. The bottom half I spread with the amazing Wilkin and Sons Tomato Ketchup….the top half I spread with their delicious Brown Sauce.

So, once your fry up is cooked and ready, it’s time to build your stacker. It’s advisable to start with something nice and flat for your first layer….I like the bacon first, right on top of the tommy k….then the waffle, onto which I carefully pour the beans (waffles are great for this because they capture all the beans in the gaps!)….next, the sausage, then the egg, and finally the mushrooms, right next to the brown sauce. Yum!

If you really wanted to posh this up, I can recommend a stacker of hash brown, bacon, poached egg, black pudding, portobello mushroom and green pesto. In fact, as long as there are multiple layers, and the element of naughtiness in your ingredients, you’ll capture the spirit of this wonderfully sinful breakfast.


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