Wednesday Wants…. Part One

I have a new Pinterest board that’s becoming increasingly busy….. My Want! board is full of pins that I couldn’t really fit anywhere else, but simply just had to pin them because I want the things so much!

So, ever the fan of alliteration, here I go with my first ‘Wednesday Want’…..

I have a serious need for this tiny skull bracelet. Yes, I do mean NEED. For I have nothing like it! I adore the tiny details, and skulls have become a bit of a thing for me lately (perhaps due to my recent obsession with Mexican Day of the Dead). What I like best I think about the very best skull jewellery I’ve seen is the juxtaposition of prettiness with, well, the rather less prettiness of a bit of a human skeleton.

And this bracelet by Iwona Ludyga from Les Mini Bijoux perfectly encapsulates this with its teeny tiny gold skull on a pretty pink string. So dainty! (And also comes in red!)

Looking for something similar and just as pretty from a UK shop, I happened upon this gorgeous skull link chain by Sturgis Jewellery…..


But I really haven’t been able to find anything like the one I really want in the UK, although I do love these charm bangles I found in my search, by BOUTIQUE by Jamie on Not On The High Street…. The bangles are really rather reasonable starting at £22, although I would want to add extra charms which would take it to a still reasonable £32 (my choice: skull, hand and cutlery).

Do visit my Want! board…. and let me know if you need a Pinterest invite.


Ems x


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