Time for a new name…… Pretty Pretentious becomes Under A Glass Sky

So I thought I’d better explain this new title thing…. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel confused or left out, nor any rumours flaring up (though that *might* be fun).

The blog formerly known as Pretty Pretentious shall henceforth be known as Under A Glass Sky.

I’ve not changed my blog in essence, nor do I plan to. It’s really just that I’m hoping to make it better and better, and for that I’ll need as many readers as possible.

I loved the old blog name Pretty Pretentious, which I also used for Twitter, Pinterest and Flikr, alas I did begin to worry that the word ‘pretentious’ may put some people off. When I chose the name, it was because I do find this whole blogging thing a little pretentious…. Sharing everything you do and telling everyone stuff that’s really not that important…. It does feel a little ‘well why wouldn’t you want to know all this about me?!’ And in honesty, I don’t see that as a bad thing at all…. I love being nosy and reading all about people….what they’re doing and what they think….and blogs are wonderful places for that. But I am aware that the word ‘pretentious’ may not work the same for other people….and I hate the thought of people thinking badly of me!

Anyway, so over the last few weeks I’ve been mulling over lots of different ideas for names. The impending change gave me the chance to think of ways I could create a whole ‘brand’ too, as I’m soon to set up a little online shop and perhaps a little business for freelancing and planning weddings. Adam has helped me lots, both as a sounding board for my ideas, and helping come up with new ideas. I had wanted to find another alliterated title that I could use for my blog, shop and everything else, or use some witty play on words. Adam came up with a wonderful one, which I almost used in part….. Trinket, Tailor, Soldering Iron….. would be an ace name for a crafty shop I think!

What I really wanted though was to encapsulate my enthusiasm for everything, the ideas for my shop, and a little of what I already blog about. I got to thinking about things I love, and started listing these off (I think there’s a post in that actually….) so that we could perhaps use some of the words together. Two of my biggest ‘loves’ are Victorian bell cloches and snow globes, which rather ties in with some of the things I’m hoping to make to sell in my shop (think jam jars turned upside down with little scenes in them)….. and almost as soon as the words ‘snow’ and ‘globe’ came out of my mouth, Adam came out with ‘Under A Glass Sky’. Isn’t he marvelous?

And so it was that I tackled the technomalogical wizardry of WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, Flikr and Instagram (I feel I must have forgotten something!) and created my new alter ego. I hope you’ll agree that the new name epitomises the content of my blog and tweets, my crafting ideas, my generally positive and somewhat romantical aspect, and of course my love of snow globes. Anyway, it’s too late now!

You can find me in all these places….

I’ve tried to keep things looking the same, at least for a while, so that you can still recognise me. Also, http://www.prettypretentious.com will work until May and will re-route you to Under A Glass Sky.

Ems x


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