Something from the weekend….. Wildlife, chess, port and other pursuits

Well, despite plans to have a quiet weekend at home, we appear to have jammed it with plenty of pursuits……

The Natural History Museum

We started with a trip to the Natural History Museum on Friday to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. I’ve been going for a few years now, and we thought we were being terribly clever in booking to go during one of their Friday Lates…..however, it seems everyone else did too so the exhibition space was fit to burst when we arrived and we struggled to make our way around. Still, it’s always a wonderful exhibition, and this year was no different.

Heading home too late to be bothered to cook, we decided on a pub supper before retiring home nicely sleepy. First thing on Saturday and we were out on a jeans hunt for Adam….which turned into a rather full on shopping trip (can’t complain though). We made our way back from the shops at Bank though via our lovely secret garden, coffees in hand. St Dunstan’s is our little City oasis….we love to sit there in the gardens inside the remains of the old ruined church. And so we sat, and took a few snaps, and drank our coffees.

St Dunstan's

We couldn’t sit about all day though, and our tummies certainly wouldn’t let us……so it was off home for lunch next. Knowing we wouldn’t have time for much supper later, we cooked up a bowl of our super easy and super yummy pasta….. wholemeal penne, long stem broccoli, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Then it was off to Waitrose for the week’s shop where I picked up their weekend magazine…..I’ve taken up doing the crossword and after Adam gave me a quick tutorial I decided I’d start to do the Sudoku too.

It was off to the cinema for the evening to catch Hugo. We’d missed it first time round so I was pleased to be able to see it on its BAFTA tour. I’m so glad we did too….. it has to be one of the most enchanting, magical and touching of films I’ve ever seen and in fact I think it might make my top ten even. I’ve rather gone off 3D films, especially the ones that seem to revolve around the effect and offer little else….. but this film is so impressive and visually stunning. I adored the story too, perhaps because it revolves around so many things that I love…. imagination, adventure, design, books, theatre, cinema…. and the period in which it’s set is so magical too.

Sunday Roast

Sunday was largely spent cooking a big roast lunch….roast potatoes with onion, garlic and rosemary….roast parsnips with maple syrup….roasted carrots with fennel seeds….sausage meat stuffing with sage and onion….buttered leaks….roast chicken for me and gammon for Adam. We had a rather early bottle of red alongside and afterwards settled down to watch Brief Encounter. Neither of us had seen it before but it was a perfect lazy Sunday watch….the soundtrack did have me hankering after listening to Rachmaninov though, so we spent the afternoon listening to piano music whilst Adam began to teach me to play Chess.

He let me win of course, before we spent a lovely evening eating cheese and biscuits, and drinking port. And for entertainment I finally gave in to watching Akira…. I have to say I had high hopes for it, having heard how great it’s supposed to be. But I’m afraid it was all I could do not to fall asleep for the second half, and I didn’t enjoy it at all as much as I thought I would. Still, it was a pleasant sleepiness which saw me off to bed early with a hot chocolate.

Hurrah for lazy(ish) weekends!


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