I want to be Emma Pillsbury

It’s no secret that I have a huge girl crush on one Miss Emma Pillsbury. Since Glee first began I have fallen in love with the character entirely….. I adore all of her quirks, her stunning hair, and not least, her incredible style.

For a while, I’ve been collecting bits of Emma-worthy style as a board on Pinterest. And what with all the new Springy things out on the High Street, I thought it a good time to share a few of my favourites….

Starting with some Spring florals…. I love this pretty top and can see Emma wearing it over a knee length pencil skirt perhaps…..

Source: julesreid.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And how gorgeous is this skirt?! Emma would rock this with a pretty white blouse I think….

Source: anthropologie.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Emma loves Kate Spade. Fact. And this lovely blue dress would look amazing with her fiery hair….

Source: shop.nordstrom.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And this dress is the perfect shape for her look, with a skinny belt perhaps (it should always be a skinny belt)….

Source: dorothyperkins.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And to go with it…. more Kate Spade and more stripes…. I am crazy about these, the colour is amazing!….

Source: katespade.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Stripes….Kate Spade…. a pattern emerges! Want!….

Source: stylesays.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Emma is certainly one to rock a bead necklace, and also plenty of bow embellishments…. I could go nuts for this necklace from Miu Miu….

Source: net-a-porter.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Gingham and floral together….works so beautifully I think. Emma could totally wear this combo….

Source: mango-watermelon-love.tumblr.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

The accessories are as important as the rest…. I would love to wear this colour, and perhaps this scalf wrapped around my hair (although it’s not quite Emma perfect ginger!)…

Source: charlottelinton.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And for a really special occasion…. how beautifully Emma is this vintage dress?!?!…

Source: promdresses-blog.info via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And you couldn’t hope to replicate Emma’s look without a statement brooch (and my board is full of them!)….

Source: emmalinebride.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Well, I’d best stop there before I while away a few days pinning and posting Emma worthy finds!

Still, if you want more of the same do check out my I Want To Be Emma Pillsbury board, and for more Emma-style advice I adore What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear.

Ems x


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