Wednesday Wants….. make your own shape baking tin!

I don’t just want this. I NEED it. Which is terribly frustrating because I cannot have it!

What you see below is a sort of silicone ‘ribbon’, which you can bend into practically any shape you’d like to bake with. The shape is held in place by magnets which are attracted to a metallic pan which forms the base of your baking tin. GENIUS!

I can imagine this is also a great way to bake even simple shapes, because you can just pull the ‘walls’ of the tin away from your cake in effect. It’s also a great way to have lots of different tins in one, saving storage space…. especially as it flattens down to store.

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

When I saw this amazing product on Pinterest, I immediately set about trying to find where to buy one. However, my search proved fruitless as I couldn’t find anywhere to buy it at all. I did find a source for it though….

Website Quirky has been helping inventors develop their products since 2009, in an aim to change the way we think about product development. Every week they showcase two new consumer product inventions, such as the amazing baking ribbon. You can find out more about what they do here….

There is a shop on their website too, filled with amazing inventions that they have produced….. I love the earphone ‘Wrapster’ and the ‘Broom Groomer’.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to buy the amazing the baking ribbon before too long!


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