A sunny Saturday out…. in Instagram

I’ve had such a wonderful day! We decided to take the opportunity of a quiet weekend to go on the London Egg Hunt, so we’ve been wandering about for hours with our cameras in the sun. The weather made it especially wonderful…. we have lots of blue sky shots and didn’t need to wear a jacket at all! In fact, sat in Green Park I even took off my cardi to reveal my shoulders for the first time this year!

I’ve taken so many photos today and lots of Instagram shots, so I thought I’d share!

We started our adventure by catching the bus into town……


….and soon began finding eggs around Covent Garden….. this one may have been my favourite with all the cutesy characters on it…..


We wandered through Covent Garden and up to Seven Dials, where we found more eggs, the London Graphic Centre yard sale, and a brilliant bead stall…..


Having stopped in at Maoz in Soho for lunch, we passed this wonderful window on our way to get Gelato for Adam…..


My pudding was Bubble Tea from Bubbleology…. Matcha tea with tapioca pearls…. lush!…..


From Soho we ambled along Piccadilly in the now gloriously warm sun, and into Green Park for a sit down…..


….and then into St Jame’s Park where we took a lovely stroll around the blossom-lined lake…..


We found the National Police Memorial at the end of the Mall which looks stunning in the setting sun…..


…..and then it was through the arches……


….. and into Trafalgar Square…..


We found a couple more eggs and also went to look at the new sculpture on the fourth plinth…..


….before tiredly heading over to the bus stop, where we picked up our Routemaster home (grabbing the front seats too!)……


Passing the Royal Courts of Justice…..


….along Fleet Street…..


…. on to St Paul’s……


….up to Bank…..


….past the Bank of England and Royal Exchange…..


….. and on diversion past the Monument….


….onto Lower Thames Street for a glimpse of the Shard…..


….and HMS Belfast……


….before our stop at the Tower of London…..


We finished the outing with a quick stop into the pub…..


And now we’re home!

I think the evening will see us relaxing on the sofa with many cups of tea, and at most probably uploading our photos of the day onto Flikr.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this sunny Saturday!

Ems x


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