Wednesday Wants…… It’s nearly Easter right?

I’m not too proud to share my love of packaging. Some products are really all about the packaging, but so what?! Pretty things rock!

And I’ll admit that it was the packaging that first drew me to Prestat chocolates. High up on the top shelf at Waitrose, their sturdy, bright pink boxes have stared down at me, begging me to pick them up. There is so much fun in their wrappings, but that’s not where it ends with these treats.

Since 1902, this brand has managed to break the mould of the ready made, ensuring that all their chocolates are hand-crafted, filled and wrapped under the same roof….. and all under the professional gaze of their talented chocolatiers. They are also committed to fair trading and you can even buy flowers from their site to send along with gift chocolates. Oh, and they have the highly coveted Royal Warrant…. what’s good enough for the Queen, is good enough for me!

And since Easter is a great time for eating chocolate, what better way to try out their delicious offerings than their beautiful chocolate Easter eggs? Stunningly boxed, it’s a tough call over which flavour to go for…. but if I HAD to choose, it’d be the rose and violet chocolate egg. Made from dark chocolate and filled with their legendary rose and violet crèmes, it’s £23.99 from Selfridges.

Prestat Rose and Violet Easter Egg

Prestat Rose and Violet Easter Egg

If you’re not into the flowery flavours though, there’s the Marc de Champagne chocolate egg, handmade from velvety milk chocolate and filled with their Marc de Champagne truffles….. Or the gorgeous sounding sea salt and caramel egg, crafted from dark chocolate and holding caramel truffles infused with the sea salt….. Or for those who prefer more simple luxury, there’s the dark chocolate egg, made with the brand’s unique blend of cocoa beans from Sao Tome, Ghana and Tanzania, and containing a collection of mouth-watering truffles.

Happy chocolate eating!

Prestat Marc de Champagne Easter Egg

Prestat Sea Salt and Caramel Easter Egg

Prestat Dark Chocolate Easter Egg


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