Wednesday Wants…… Mulberry Del Rey

Mulberry Del Rey in Deer Brown

It’s kind of an automatic response to practically everything…. If I’m asked what I want for whatever reason, the answer is always “Mulberry Hand Bag”. I don’t quite know what the big deal is, and why I want one so much. They are everywhere these days, so it’s not their rarity that makes them special. And it’s not that they follow particular design rules. Maybe it’s because they’re so well made, and in Britain too. But probably, it’s just because they are so very gorgeous.

I’m not at all obsessed with ‘it’ bags, although I have a real fondness for plenty of hand bags that fall under that title (I still love my Chloe Paddington and it sees plenty of use…but then my Marc Jacobs Stam hardly ever sees the light of day). And I adore a wonderfully individual vintage bag just as much as a new one, so perhaps it’s the stunningly retro styling of the Del Ray that appeals to me……

Inspired by American songstress and Vogue cover girl Lana Del Rey, the bag’s design aims to infuse her trademark Old Hollywood glamour meets edgy modern style. And that really appeals to me….. I love to mix up something that makes me feel trendy alongside a style classic.

Lana Del Rey with her Mulberry Del Rey

The shape reminds me a little of those darling vintage doctor’s bags (I’ve wanted for ages) with the lovely barrel-ish shape and short handles. The colour ways are fabulous too….. Deer Brown, Petrol, White, Black and Burgundy….. and I think we can expect some special edition finishes too (surely a croc finish). I would obviously like one of each, but if I had to narrow it down (in a parallel universe where I can spend £795 on a hand bag) it would have to be the Deer Brown for pure classic style, or the Burgundy for the super vintage element. A girl can dream eh?

But which colour?!?!?!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants…… Mulberry Del Rey

  1. The burgundy is gorgeous but I think the deer brown would be the wiser choice. Having said that I am always on the look out for a new red handbag so red/burgundy clearly goes with almost everything (at least in my head).

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