Something from the weekend…… the long Easter break

How was your Easter everyone? I’m still recovering (in bed with a cold unfortunately), although the chocolate eggs which surround me (not for long) are making it a gentler recovery! I had a great long weekend……..

Leaving London from St Pancras

On Friday morning, as tradition dictates, we made our way up to Nottingham to spend Good Friday with a big group of friends. We had managed to get bargainous First Class seats on the train, and so I sat in comfort eating my cold toast from tin foil. A couple of hours out of St Pancras and we were wandering through Nottingham to our hotel, and before long we’d caught of with the gang in the pub. And that was rather the order of the day really….. sitting about in the pub, eating, drinking and catching up with folk.

Cold toast in tin foil on the train....yum

We thought we really ought to make a move come 8pm though, and so about 12 of us took up residence at one end of Cumin, an Indian Restaurant on Maid Marian Way. I ordered a sweet Lassi to drink, which was delicious, and had a little rose in it I think. To eat, I ordered the vegetarian biryani (my old favourite) which was impressively authentic…. it arrived in a terracotta pot, sealed with dough, and with the main saucy bit underneath the rice. It had yummy paneer in there as well as veggies which was lovely, although the dish was a little hot for me! Oh and I tried an Aloo Paratha for the first time ever and loved it! Bread filled with potato is this carb addict’s dream!

We were pretty tired by the end of the meal, and I was starting to feel a bit rubbish with the onset of a cold, so we returned to our hotel to read in bed. The next morning saw us up fairly nice and early though, so we were the first there at breakfast (nice big veggie breakfast with all the trimmings, yum). We had hoped to go up to the park to play rounders, but the weather wasn’t really screaming for outdoor activity, so Adam and I had a mooch about town for a while (I picked up some supplies from The Works…..wish we had them here!) checking out the various charity shops for treasure.

We also re-discovered Joe’s Store, very near to the castle, which is full of gorgeous stuff (nearly all of which I really really want!). There are the cutest two part cushions with daschunds on them….. the original Saint James Breton stripe tops (I would really love one of these!)….. some very pretty 50’s style dresses…. and the most awesome collection of Zatchels and Cambridge Satchel Company bags. I’ve been wanting a green or red one for aaaaages, but seeing the yellow one I think I’ve changed my mind!

Yellow Cambridge Satchel Company satchel

After that though, it was time for a sit down and a rest…. so it was back to the pub again, to while away the afternoon. I did manage to be a little productive though, as I was given a spoon decorating set, with which I fashioned a pair of rather snazzy spoon super heroes….. perhaps my next line on my Folksy shop?!?!……

Little Red Riding and Spoon and Flower Boy

Soon it was time to head home though, so it was back to the station to pick up an AMT Coconut Steamer before boarding our train. It seemed only fitting, that our table was covered in Easter chocolate to see us through the journey, although Adam had bought me the new ‘Double Fill’ Oreos which were my favourite. We were back home in time for a hot drink before bed time…. and realised with delight that there were still two more days of the weekend left!

By Sunday morning we really needed a lie in, and more so even because we’d both started suffering from colds. So, much of the day was spent in front of the TV, lounging on the sofa making my bead weave jewellery, and watching Adam fight the baddies on Playstation. We’d both had a hankering for pasta, so I made my tuna pasta bake for dinner, and we settled down after that to finally start watching Mad Men (I know I’m so behind!), then Battle Royale (inspired by seeing Hunger Games last week), before heading to bed.

It was another slow and lazy start on Monday, and we got very little done before heading out. We’d been invited to the new home of our friends Dan and Brigitte, which we were were excited to see. We went via Waitrose to pick up a cake and some wine, before walking through the pretty St Katherine Dock and over Tower Bridge to get to London Bridge. At the little park outside More London, we found two pretty geese grazing….not a usual sight!

Grazing Geese at Tower Bridge

We arrived at our destination very early, so we decided that we’d have a steak out of the village hall I’m having a table at next weekend for the F.U.S.S craft market. It was a bit tricky to find with park entrances closed and my iPhone playing up, and when we got there we realised it would be much quicker to get there right off the main road, but still I enjoyed our little walk through suburbia. We even saw a little fox sheltering from the rain in a front garden! South East London certainly feels a bit like the countryside when you live in central London!

Suburban Fox

After our little adventure, we were right on time to Dan and Brigitte’s, and I was given a glass of Prosecco whilst we took the tour. Brigitte is the most amazing chef, so she expertly threw together the most delicious quiche whilst we chatted (I would have had to concentrate a lot to have made one half as good!). For pudding, we’d chosen the Waitrose coffee and walnut cake, which is nice enough but the icing is a little sweet for my taste, and it wasn’t as moist as I’d have hoped. On top of the Prosecco, Dan and Adam took to sampling Dan’s vodka collection, so we left a little tipsy! And at the station we bumped into two more friends who happen to live nearby, and I was reminded how much I miss my old neighbourhood.

After all the food and drink of the long weekend, we were in need of some mindless slobbing for the rest of the day, and so we snuggled up on the sofa with our hot water bottles (we are poorly after all) and the second (and best, to my mind) X-Men film. And after a bit of pre-bed ironing and tidying, we were ready for an early night.

Phoof! Long weekends are wonderful, but by golly they’re tiring too!


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