For the weekend……

So I’m tres busy this week getting ready for the craft market on Saturday, which is why I’ve not managed as many weekend ideas as usual. But here are a few things I would recommend to do……

Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam

British Museum, £12, until 15th April

I can’t believe this exhibition is nearly over. I went to one of the members’ nights to see it, just after it opened, and I’ve been meaning to write about it ever since! As usual though, things have conspired against me and it closes this Sunday. There are still tickets left though (I recommend you book in advance, or if you become a member you can get in for free with no queueing!) for what is a very inspiring exhibition. Charting the history of Hajj, the exhibition conveys a real insight into how the pilgrimage to Mecca is both core to the Muslim faith and a spiritually enhancing experience. It’s a lot wordier than most of the British Museum exhibitions, although there are some wonderful artefacts, photos and documents on show and it’s curated well enough that I didn’t get bored of taking everything in! Towards the end of the exhibition there are some stunning pieces of art created specially for the exhibition, which wonderfully symbolise the experience of Hajj and its impact.

Animal Inside Out

Natural History Museum, £9, until 16th September

I can’t wait to see this exhibition which has just opened (check me out giving you more notice this time!). Created by the team behind Gunther von Hagens’s ‘Body Worlds’, this time it’s animals under the spotlight. Featuring over 100 specimens, the exhibition examines the biology, anatomy and physiology of animals, illustrating how anatomy is crucial to learning more about evolution and the natural world.

The F.U.S.S Craft Market

Lochaber Hall, Hither Green, £1, 14th April

I’m so excited to be hosting my first ever table at a craft fair this weekend and have been working hard to make lots to sell and showcase. It’s a new fair too, although F.U.S.S have been holding a wonderful Christmas Fair in Hither Green for a few years. I love the concept of F.U.S.S, a local group whose objective is to build a real community in the area, planting flowers and arranging clean up days to make the area so lovely.

The Craft Fair will see local designers, makers and sellers coming together to showcase jewellery, artwork, vintage clothing and all kinds….plus F.U.S.S will be hosting a refreshment stall with tea and cakes made by the wonderful Never Eat Wobbly Jelly amongst others! Do come along!

Oh and it’s set to be sunny (if a little chill) so enjoy your weekend!

Ems x


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