Some things worth mentioning…..

What a great day for mentions! I get so very excited when my blog and shop get mentioned in other peoples’ blogs, Facebook and on Twitter….. mainly because I guess it means they kind of like what I do (which is very reassuring!). And today my work has been included in two wonderful blogs…. plus, the craft market I have a table at tomorrow has also been featured as a great thing to do this weekend!…..

The wonderful Zena, creator of gorgeous and dead clever glass treasures, has kindly written lovely things about me on her blog….. My Favourite UK Handmade Finds……

Under A Glass Sky, from Folksy, who makes all sorts of cute and wonderful things! This is the sort of store that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, my heart starts racing and I want everything all at once and then I have to have a sit down and a cold drink… Particular favourites include the stamp jewellery (I have a thing about stamps, but don’t tell anyone, it would ruin my street cred. Do kids still say street cred?) and the bizarre brilliance of the world in a matchbox series. She’s relatively new, but her products speak for themselves, and I particularly love the really high quality photos of her stock.”

You can find Zena’s amazing glass designs here…..

One of my favourite of Zena's pieces.... Game of Thrones coaster!!!

And East Riding based crafter Say It, has been kind enough to feature my Hummingbird watercolour on their Folksy Friday post, which showcases lots of great designs all along a ‘text’ theme.

Original Water Colour Humming Bird on vintage book page, in vintage frame

And clever old Time Out have listed the F.U.S.S Craft Market amongst their things to do this weekend…… see it here…..

Whilst Londonist have recommended the market in their recommendations for Saturday….. here…..

Come to the F.U.S.S Craft Market!

Thank you to everyone for the mentions and being so lovely! Hope to see lots of you at the market tomorrow!

Ems x


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