Wednesday Wants….. from now on they shall be in triplicate

So I rather enjoyed choosing three things for my Wednesday Wants last week…. and who can blame me? Three imaginary / virtual purchases are better than one right? And so I figure that from now on, and whenever I have difficulty choosing, my Wednesday Wants shall come in threes…..

Lulu Guinness at Uniqlo

I’ve been crazy about everything Lulu Guinness for the longest time….. I have all sorts of bits and bobs in her amazing designs….. a gorgeous lilac corduroy hand bag…. a cameo fronted compact…. a couple of vanity cases and make up bags…. and the wonderful pop up book ‘Put on Your Pearls Girls’. All have been kind gifts or bargain finds though, as the brand is not at everyday spending prices. However, teaming up with Uniqlo has brought the brand to a much more affordable level…..

One of the latest high streeters to start collaborating with iconic designers, I’ve loved Uniqlo‘s Orla Kiely and Laura Ashley ranges. Bringing adored prints together with their well cut tees, I think it’s a great way to get hold of that designer you’ve always coveted. Of course, they sell out fast though (hardly any of the Orla Kiely stuff left) and I can see that one of my favourites has already gone from the website…. but here are my top three from the Lulu range (all at £14.90, but on offer at the minute at £12.90!)…..

Love knot stacker rings by Ring Binder

As a Folksy and Etsy account holder, one of my biggest browsing dangers are the newsletters they send each day…. there is always something I like that is featured, and some of them are so temptingly well priced! One amazing shop I have found on Etsy is Ring Binder, a treasure trove of clever and beautiful jewellery. I think my favourite has to be her set of three knot stacker rings, which you can have made to size and come in copper, silver plated copper and gold plated copper…. they are an amazing £7.67 for the three! I love the way the shop owner and maker Sarah photographs her items on leaves, and I think she has a wonderful collection….. I adore the little ‘Yes’ and ‘Oui’ rings too, and the cute little bow necklaces.

Trevor Jackson Skull Teapot

So I’ve got some kind of skull obsession going on at the minute….. possibly because of my new interest in everything Mexican Day of the Dead. I’ve been spotting gorgeous skull jewellery and bits and bobs for ages, but when Adam found this beauty I had to scream ‘waaaaaant’! It is currently sold out on the retailer’s website as far as I can see, not that it changes much as it’s a whopping $900! Still, a girl can dream right?

The creator, Trevor Jackson is a Seattle based artist / graphic designer / ceramicist / apparel designer / poet / performance artist. Often a cultural observation, his work uses slip-casting with earthenware and “traditional” Delft painting techniques (a style I have loved for ages), as well as transfer-ware applications. “He has a reverence for the traditions from which he draws, but will often retool those same traditional images and apply them in unconventional contexts”….. such as this remarkable tea pot…..

I want it allllll!!!


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