Made with Love…. Broc, Mac and Cheese

I love macaroni cheese. And cauliflower cheese. So when a very clever old flat mate made a combo, I was converted!

In our home, mac and cheese now always has either broccoli and/or cauliflower in it…. less of the latter usually because Adam’s not so keen. It’s the same principal as the two separate dishes, but all the more satisfying.

This is my very simple method, and as usual it’s no exact science!…


Ingredients enough for two large portions…..

Small head of broccoli (or half cauliflower and half broccoli) cut into florets
Four girly handfuls of dry macaroni
Generous knob of butter
Pint of milk
About a cup of plain flour
About 100g of cheese (I use a bit of Parmesan and a bit of mature cheddar) grated
Salt and pepper

How to make it…..

▶Put your macaroni on to boil in a pan
▶After a few minutes, add the broccoli and continue to boil for a few minutes until the pasta and broccoli begin to soften…. Do not cook as much as you would ready to serve, they will cook more in the sauce and you don’t want it all mushy
▶In the mean time, heat and melt your butter in a pan, then add the milk and heat through
▶Now slowly whisk in a little flour at a time, stirring as you go and waiting for it to thicken… Take this slow as it can over thicken as it heats through
▶Once you have a nice sauce then melt in the cheese, reserving plenty to sprinkle on the top before you bake
▶When the cheese is all melted in, drain your pasta and broccoli and stir the sauce in
▶I usually season at this point with Aromat, salt and pepper to taste
▶Pour the mix into an oven proof dish and sprinkle the remaining cheese over
▶I also like to add a bit more seasoning on top before popping it in the oven at a medium heat, near the top, for about 30minutes or until it’s golden on top.



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