Been busy crafting…. sorry for neglecting you blog!

So I feel I’ve been neglecting my blog a little of late….. there are loads of things I want to post about but haven’t had chance, and I’ve only just managed to post my ‘Something From The Weekend’ for this week, which I usually do on a Monday. I’ve not even started this week’s ‘Wednesday Wants’.

Still, I’m not really being lazy. I’ve been so busy making things for my Folksy shop and craft fairs…. I have another coming up this Saturday so I spent yesterday putting together some new pieces…..

Pretty pastel flower rings

Silver glitter star rings

Victorian key and smei precious stones on a long vintage chain

Glass cherries and lucky eye on vintage gold chain

Glass eye bead bracelets

Wooden religious charm, glass bead and stone fragment silver necklace

Porcelain doll's leg and wooden chess piece on chunky gold necklace

Vintage watch parts with moving pieces on delicate silver bracelet

Porcelain doll's arm, blue stone and Victorian key on vintage silver necklace

Victorian key, wooden dice and polished stone on chunky silver vintage bracelet

Gold watch parts charm bracelet

Wooden religious charm, turquoise bead and silver feather silver necklace

Silver chain with polished stone, silver key and vintage watch face

(More on the Facebook page here…)

I’m really looking forward to the market on Saturday…. it would be great if some of you can come along! Here are the details….. hope to see you there!

Ems x


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