Something from the weekend….. rain, rain go away!

Well that worked! The rain *appears* to have given up for a while….. I wish it had earlier! What a grey weekend! Still, got plenty of indoorsy stuff done, and I guess we need the water…..

The weekend began with a Friday night visit to the cinema….. If I’m very honest, I didn’t hold out much hope for ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists’ because I’d read (and loved) the books, and didn’t think the trailers nearly measured up to them. So that’s why it took us so long to see it, but I’m so very glad we did! The film is laugh-out-loud-funny from start to end…. the voice actors are brilliant and superbly cast (although I had always imagined the Pirate Captain’s voice as that of Brian Blessed when reading the books!) and I loved all the little trade mark details of comedy in the background. Pretty much everyone else in the cinema had kids with them, but it was so wasted on them…. Adam and I were guffawing all the time, but all the jokes went over the kids’ heads. So anyone that has skipped it because they thought it was a kids’ film should think again…. or read the books, which I would recommend just as much!

Getting home late(ish) we had a quick and naughty supper of pizza and chips (yum!) before I neatly polished my nails and finished packing up my craftiness ready for the morning…..

Saturday saw my second stall at a craft market, and I was super excited to do it all over again. The Wonder Hill Market is a monthly craft and vintage fair, very local to me in Borough, near London Bridge. We were let down again by transport…. what should have been a quick bus ride and a little walk turned into a very quick bus ride and a long, rainy walk, because yet again our bus is on some silly weekend diversion. It’s even more frustrating because I have no idea why! Anyway, we got there without getting too wet, and I was showed to my table ready to set up. It was rather smaller than my last table, which was only a shame because I had made even more things to sell than at my last one! So, with great difficulty, I held stuff back in order to fit things nicely (although still with my trademark ‘looks like a junk shop’ cramming) and was pretty satisfied with my presentation again.

Once set up, Adam and I took it in turns to have a snoop around the other stalls….. we both immediately fell in love with a stall very near to us, which was shared by a lovely couple of designer-makers. Actually comprising of three ‘brands’ the stall hosted stunning jewellery by Tri And Gull, wonderful prints by illustrator Sam Blown and (my favourite) a collection of marvellous brooches which are a collaboration of the two called Oh Pair. Adam snapped up two lovely little badges with super cute dog drawings…love!

Unfortunately, the market was pretty quiet and low on foot traffic due to the horrid weather, so we didn’t have nearly the rush of sales I had at the last one. Still, it was nice to meet all the other stall holders, make a few sales and eat lots of yummy cake by the awesome Vintage Cake Company. Despite filling our faces all day though, we opted to make our post-stall chinese take out a tradition, and ordered up a feast which we ate in front of the TV….. we finished the first season of The Wire (loved it!) and also watched one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn films, Charade, which also stars the gorgeous Cary Grant to boot.

By Sunday morning, weary from a hard day’s work at the market, we were in need of a lie in followed by a naughty breakfast of waffles. We cancelled out the naughtiness though with fresh fruit. And then it was a real day for domestic stuff….. I began unpacking from the market…. did lots of house plant maintenance (one of them has a horrid bug thing so I gave them all some attention!)…. and started a bit of a spring clean. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy de-frosting the freezer…. having wrapped up the contents in old blankets and nested them in the shower, I began what for most is a rather dull task. But not for me! I love the thrill of the ice falling, and taking out my anger with the weather with a wooden spatular!

And that was pretty much my day…. in between cups of tea and watching Adam play his new computer game (Journey…. which is stunning!). We finished the day with a yummy home made Spag Bol and then watched some more Mad Men (which I am loving but Adam is struggling to get into). A much deserved day of rest I think!

Hope your weekend wasn’t too blighted by the rain!

Ems x


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