Made with love: Super yummy salad with thanks to Abel and Cole


So anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram will know how excited I’ve been about our new Abel and Cole food box deliveries. We are both very committed to our ‘ethicurean’ lifestyle and have been eating only Free Range meat for several years now. And so the idea of organic produce, from local (as far as possible) suppliers with great values has a massive appeal to us. Getting it delivered is just a bonus!

And so finally, after much deliberation and faffing, we ordered our first Abel and Cole boxes…. The medium gourmet veg box, the small fruit box, plus milk and butter and cheese and stuff. Last Monday our box arrived, and we opened the boxes excitedly, sniffing everything and quickly trying bits out. Along with the boxes came some little recipe idea cards, and in our box today we received a wonderful cook book. I love the style it’s written in, with ‘handfuls of this’ and ‘a mug or two of that’. It’s very much the way I like to cook, and I can’t wait to try out some of the ideas.

Today’s box contained lots of salad friendly things, so we decided to yum it up whilst fresh for lunch today…. It was absolutely delicious and Adam suggested I should share it here. So, here is what we made….

Ingredients enough to feed two

  • Half an avocado
  • About three fingers’ width of cucumber
  • Three or four cherry tomatoes
  • A small chunk of kohl rabi
  • A couple of handfuls of lamb’s lettuce
  • Two eggs
  • Three table spoons of rapeseed oil
  • One dessert spoon of lime juice
  • One dessert spoon of soy sauce

To make it

  1. Soft boil your eggs
  2. Whilst they are cooking, slice up your avocado, cucumber, tomatoes and kohl rabi into nice small chunks
  3. Pop half of the lettuce into each of two bowls and sprinkle the chopped veg on top
  4. Peel your egg shells off and quarter them, then pop them on top of the salad
  5. Mix up the oil, soy and juice then drizzle over the salad

Serve with some yummy bread to mop up the last of the dressing with. We had Waitrose’s red onion and gruyere fougasse which is amazing!


Ems x




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