Wednesday Wants….. Practically Perfect in Every Way

Mary Poppins….. Practically Perfect in every way!

So I’ve been thinking about Mary Poppins a lot lately. Partly because we spotted Jane from the film in the 70s re-make of 39 Steps…… partly because I’ve been planning one of my little jam jar scenes in honour of the prim nanny….. and partly because I’ve been thinking quite practically of late. It may be down to the dismal weather, or just a phase I’m having, but my style at the moment certainly has a practical leaning…… sheepskin lined, soft leather boots….. wax jacket….. even lace up wellies. I’m even planning to make a huge patchwork quilt from offcuts in my fabric box, as well as a little pocketed pinny in a similar style. Practical AND resourceful!

And so I thought that this Wednesday I’d share with you some of the more practical things I’ve been mooning over…. because it’s sure to pass soon and I’ll be back to sequinned flamingo jumpers and sky scraper heels in no time!

All Saints Sahara Parka in Military, £295

There are plenty of parkas out there at the moment….. both in the shops and being worn out and about. It’s fortuitous really as I can’t see this rain stopping, like, ever! I don’t think anyone does utilitarian quite like All Saints though, and their parka collection is my favourite by far. I love the Sahara Parka with its big slouchy pockets and crumply hood. It’s made from cotton and silk too, which is pre-washed for softness. Oh and I adore the specially developed branded metal buttons. Love buttons.

Supple Leather Backpack in Tan Brown by Studio731 on Etsy, £95

I’ve had this in my favourites on Etsy for a while, since I’ve been looking for the perfect soft tan leather rucksack. I’m finding that my beloved over-sized shoulder bags are just too uncomfortable for travelling with, and carrying about all day on adventures and treasure hunts. I fear I’m going to get one shoulder lower than the other! So an elegant leather back pack seemed like a stylish and practical alternative….. I love the supple tan leather, front zip pocket and double straps on this one. It looks incredibly well made (as does all the stuff in Studio731’s shop) and I can see it ageing very nicely.

Hunter Original Gloss Boots in Citrus, £85

My lovely lace up Hunter boots are getting far more wear than I’d imagined already due to the copious amounts of rain bucketing down….. I had rather thought I would use them mainly when out of London on dog walks etc. but it seems that May in London calls for a pair of wellies now! And so I thought a second pair, just for the city would be a good idea…. to go with skirts and smarter stuff really. And when I came across this new shade, in the gorgeously glossy finish, I thought how wonderful to wear sunshine yellow to cheer up a dull, grey day (not to mention my current devotion to everything yellow!).

Well, that’s enough moaning about the weather again for one post.

Ems x


Bonus ‘want’ (becuase I had to and REALLY WANT IT!


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