Made with love: Simple Sunday brunch

After the traditional Sunday lie in today, I was ready for something hearty to eat…. we did a lot of walking about yesterday so I had quite the appetite after a long sleep! Luckily I had in all the ingredients for one of my all time favourite brunches….. I adore a poached egg on a muffin, and mushrooms on toast almost as much. And so when I saw this dish on a menu in a Blackheath Cafe many years ago, I couldn’t resist. I’ve made it at home lots since…. it’s a wonderfully quick, easy and satisfying brunch, and because it’s a little different it feels a bit classy too!

Poached egg and mushrooms with pesto


Ingredients (enough for one serving)

  • Large free range egg
  • About four medium sized chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  • Two dessert spoons of pesto
  • One dessert spoon of olive oil
  • One really good, fresh English muffin (Duchy Originals ones are the best I’ve found, and are twice the thickness of the regular ones!)
  • A knob of butter

How to put it together

  1. Heat the butter in a small frying pan and then add the mushrooms, cooking until softened
  2. In the mean time, poach your egg until cooked but with a runny yoke (essential!)
  3. And whilst that’s cooking, slice your muffin in half and toast lightly on each side
  4. Butter the muffin once toasted (if you like)
  5. Pop the pesto into a smallish bowl and drizzle in the oil…. mix them together to slacken the pesto so that you can pour it
  6. Once everything is ready, pop your egg on one side of the muffin and the mushrooms on the other, then drizzle over the pesto

Easy huh?!


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