Something from the weekend….. plumbing issues aside

So if you caught my last post, you’ll know I was pretty narked about a plumbing issue at the flat. We did manage to get it sorted in time to enjoy our long weekend though (Adam had two days off before starting his new job), and so I thought I’d share the fun I had here as usual (albeit rather late due to my spending the last two days trying to catch up with my work!)…..

Once we’d done all we could to arrange for a plumber, and had decided we could risk leaving the flat (with a bucket under the leak and towels under the doors!) we started our Thursday properly with a walk along to the flea market at Old Spitalfields. I love it there on a Thursday…. it’s essentially the same ‘Antiques, Vintage and Collectables’ market as once a month on a Saturday, but the stalls seem much better on the Thursdays and it’s not nearly as crowded. We did unfortunately arrive in time for the City lunch rush, due to our plumbing issue, but it was still great to have a snoop about. Adam bought a gorgeous bronze skull pendant from the Lost Apostle stall (I love their acorn and bird skull pendants too!) which he’s been deciding on for ages, and I snagged myself some Georgian keys and some old watch movements to make jewellery with…. one of the watch pieces is an Omega, so although it’s only the face I can say I own James Bond’s brand of watch!

Breakfast in bed for Adam as a well done / good luck for his new job

Georgian keys from the flea market

Old watch movements to make things with

Once home, we readied ourselves for a couple of nights away and then made our way up to Hitchin, Adam’s home town in Hertfordshire. We’d decided to plan a trip to Cambridge on the Friday, and it’s a really good base, just a half hour away on the train. We spent the evening relaxing, giving attention to the cat and dogs, and a wonderful steak supper before watching House of Flying Daggers. Bizarrely, I’d not managed to see it before but I adored the stunning cinematography, as well as the slick and impressive choreography. I’ll definitely want to watch it again!

Hedges the cat eyeing prey in the garden

After a harty breakfast of poached duck eggs on toasted Duchy English muffins, we set off to Cambridge on the train with a packed lunch. It was an easy journey, and no problem walking the short distance from the station to the town centre. We soon found a little market square with some lovely crafty and foody stalls, and so we bought some fresh fruit juices there (apple and beetroot for me, clementine for Adam) before finding a spot outside the Kings College Chapel to yum up our sandwiches. I’m afraid that was rather the highlight of the trip though, as despite wandering about for hours, we didn’t manage to find the idyllic and enchanting place I’d imagined. In fact, if I’m very honest, Cambridge was a huge disappointment for me….. I had envisaged stacks of incredible architecture, decadent quads to mooch about in, and arcades of little antique and curio shops. But in actuality, the only thing we managed to find of interest was a restaurant that sold bubble tea (it was ever so good, mind) and I was surprised to find the centre simply full of chain stores and the usual coffee shops. We saw very little of the University, as most of it is not open to public, or very expensive to get in…. I had thought we would be able to see far more but I barely got a flavour of it at all. We even tried to get down to have a walk along the river, to no avail.

Market in Cambridge

So, weary from wandering, and disappointed rather with our day, we made our way back to Hitchin in time for supper. Once we’d finished off the asparagus risotto Adam’s mum made for us with some delicious vanilla cheese cake, we settled down to watch Hero. I spent most of it nodding off, which might account for my enjoying it far less than House of Flying Daggers, despite Adam predicting I’d love it even more. So right after that it was off to bed, where I met with sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

We spent Saturday morning nosing about Hitchin, popping into the charity shops, the market and other fun places. We picked up some treasures, including some amazing cakes from a pretty stall on the market…. I chose the hummingbird cake (a delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting). We ate our cakes back at the house with a cup of tea before heading back into London. We did a record journey at just an hour to get back into the flat, and then turned right back around to make our way back to Old Spitalfields again. There was a ‘Designers Makers’ market on which I wanted to check out for potentially getting a stall, and it was wonderfully busy there and had some excellent stalls to boot. I managed to stop myself from buying anything, but I did decide to send an application to get my own stall there (and have since been accepted so will be hosting a stall there on the 18th August and 22nd September!). And after that, it was a quick pit stop at the flat to freshen up before heading to Wapping for a barbecue at our friends’ place. We arrived just in time for the pudding: a house special of barbecued pineapple with cream and chocolate sauce…. it’s not an obvious triumph but it is remarkably tasty!

Finds in Hitchin…. Tommy Hilfiger blouse

Finds from Hitchin…. sugar sweet shades in cupcake and petit four cases

Hitchin finds….. more vintage mugs for the collection

Barbecued pineapple

We’d decided to take it easy on Sunday, so that Adam could rest up before starting his new job…. so it was a lie in to start, followed by a big breakfast of sausages, egg, mushrooms and bacon….. we tried out the orange juice that Abel and Cole had sent us as a gift in our latest delivery too, and it really is the yummiest I’ve ever had!

Amazing OJ by Grove, courtesy of Abel and Cole

I spent most of the rest of the day drawing and designing for some new jewellery…. I got too excited to wait until Monday to make some so I went ahead and finished some pieces ready to list on my Etsy shop. Most of the new pieces have a rather Royal or British theme as I’m starting to get excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Apart from the flamingo. But then there’s always time for a flamingo. We had another risotto for dinner, using up the Globe Artichokes and the rest of the veg left over in our weekly box, before slobbing out to watch some more of The Wire and then heading to bed at a reasonable hour. I love long weekends!

Diamond Jubilee chram bracelet

Corgi brooch

Flamingo pendant


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