Something from the weekend…… Sun, selling and celebrating

Thank you weather gods for such a splendidly sunny weekend! Finally, it feels like summer and I have been tempted out of the house with shoulders and even a little ankle on display! It’s amazing what a difference some good weather makes…. I’m feeling much more positive, my stall benefitted and my wardrobe is getting a much needed overhall.

Here is how I enjoyed the sun this weekend……

Friday evening was mainly taken up by packing and preparing for my stall on Saturday, so for supper we had a rather naughty pizza and chips sat in front of the TV to watch True Blood. I figured I’d be busy enough for the rest of the weekend that I deserved some relaxing and a little gluttony!

Then early(ish) on Saturday morning we made our way just over the bridge to the Miller for the Wonder Hill Market. I’d hosted a stall there last month on a horrid rainy day, so I was excited to see how it went in the rather sunnier weather. I set up my stall in record time (I’m getting much better at it as I get more practise!) and Adam managed to do a run out for some gorgeously refreshing freshly made lemonade before the doors officially opened.

There was certainly a lot more footfall than last time, with people out and about in the sun, so I managed to make lots more sales than in the rain! I also had the pleasure of meeting some lovely new people, who were also hosting stalls…..

Clio The Muse ‘rediscovers, redesigns and re-beautifies vintage furniture and homeware’. I adore her quirky use of bird prints and newspaper, and she’s a lovely lady to boot. I also met the terribly sweet Zoe from Ladybird Likes whose pretty butterfly necklaces I love. It was also great to do another market with Matin Lapin and Animal Cafe, as well as sample some more of Hannah’s amazing cakes from the Vintage Cake Company.

I was kept pretty busy for the most part, chatting to browsers, and even altering lots of my necklaces into bracelets for one lovely customer (very glad I’ve been taking my tools along with me for such an occasion!). We did get a few lulls though as ever, so Adam wandered off to Borough Market for a bit to buy our coffee beans from Monmouth, and I had time to weave some new beaded leaves which I’m going to put together for bridal head pieces soon.

My little stall

New silver tea stand to hold my vintage button jewellery

Treasure Charm jewellery on an old book

My new jewellery in a little wicker basket

My popular stamp jewellery on one of my favourite tea stands

New vanity case found last weekend showing off my glass lens jewellery

We packed up at 5pm (in record time again!) and then Adam and I walked home accompanied by the lovely Vixie….. us girls were off out so we quickly showered and prettied before heading straight back out again. We were off to All Star Lanes in Holborn for our dear friend Siobhan’s hen do, and we should have had a jolly easy journey just catching the bus from the end of my road to right outside the venue. However, after an accident down the road stopped the buses getting through we were forced to wander over to the tube station, only to find they were all knarlsed up too, so we had to trek over to Liverpool Street Station to travel on from there…. and my heels were not meant for walking! By the time we arrived, my feet were complaining and we had nearly missed the bowling fun (although I managed to hit a pin or two…. thanks Eileen for giving me a go!) but I soon cooled down with a Pina Colada! I had made a little necklace for Siobhan, specially for the occasion and Vixie had made some wicked deely boppers with Siobhan’s face on for us all to wear! We soon made a game with them, sort of wrestling them off each other using only the deely boppers.

The Bride necklace for Siobhan

And the blushing Bride wearing her necklace

We ate at the venue, which has a brilliant American diner serving yummy chicken in a basket and burgers….. my veggie burger was delish and came loaded with egg plant guac and halloumi! After we’d eaten our fill, it was more cocktails and some dancing…. the wonderful Jo spun a few of us around in turns (she’s a dead good swing and jive dancer) and those with full circle skirts had a good spin to make their petticoats frill right up to horizontal, as is the rule when wearing 1950s retro chic! We all dressed up in fact, inkeeping with the Shake Rattle and Bowl club night’s theme…. I wore some pale pink pencil cut trousers, my black peep toe Salvatore Ferragamos and little black vest, as a well as a pink silk neck bow.

By midnight, we were all flagging though (induced in part by our busy days, the food and general excitedness!), so the East London crew grabbed a Hackney Cab (which I was very pleased for with my unhappy feet!) and I collapsed into bed to fall straight asleep.

After the usual Sunday lie in we made our way to Soho for the pop-up flea market there. City Showcase were hosting London’s first designer street market, closing off Dean Street to traffic to build a stage and stalls for artisans, artists, fashion designers, jewellery designers, filmmakers and musicians. In honesty, there were only half as many stalls as I had expected, and it was more of a craft fair than a flea market, but there were still lots of lovely things to see….. I fell in love with Lou Rota‘s stunning  tableware featuring flamingos and jackdaws holding pretty bouquets….. and Natalie Reed’s ‘Little Object‘ beautiful jewellery too.

It was super hot wandering about the stalls, but we cooled ourselves down with some marvellous bubble tea from Bubbleology. Adam tried a blend of passion fruit and lychee fruit teas, and I had the gorgeous honeydew milk tea I love, as well as some apple jelly for the fist time which I now love too! After the market we sat awhile in Soho Square to finish our drinks and relax in the shade a bit, before catching a bus back East.

Honeydew milk tea with tapioca pearls and apple jelly

The Soho Flea Market

We had a quick look around the stalls at Old Spitalfields on our way towards Brick Lane….. I am very excited to be hosting a stall there in August and September so I wanted to have a fresh look at the stalls themselves so I can start planning. Soon we realised that we’d not really eaten, so we succumbed to the temptation of Poppies and bought a newspaper cone of chips to yum up whilst we wandered along Brick Lane.

After a little window shopping, we dropped into the Art Car Boot Fair in the Brick Lane Yard…. a car-park packed full of amazing art bargains produced especially for the occasion, as well as DJ sets by Jarvis Cocker, food from St John Bread and Wine and the first ever handbag disco.

Adam with chips in newspaper from Poppies

The Art Car Boot Fair 2012

Art Car Boot Fair in Brick Lane Yard

Cardboard ice cream van

Arty Jubilee Flag

From there we headed back along Brick Lane and explored the basement vintage market, as well as a little pop up market in Hanbury Hall. Then, ready for another sit down we bought an iced latte from the Coffee Cup at the foot of the steps to Christ Church Spitalfields, and then sat in the shade in the little garden next door.

Vintage Market

Coffee under the imposing Christ Church Spitalfields

After that, we made our way home for some more relaxing and spent a while on Etsy choosing my birthday present! And after dinner, we relaxed some more in front of the TV (True Blood again!) before an early night….. I’m kind of seeing a pattern emerging with my what happened on Sunday posts!

Hope you all enjoyed the sunny weekend as much as I did!

Ems x


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