The Diamond Jubilee….. what I have made to mark the occassion

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been getting mad excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee….. And it has certainly been a fabulous inspiration for some new jewellery! I’ve been drawing, sawing, shaping and pasting to make some very special pieces to commemorate this special event. I’ll be sporting some of the pieces myself today at the River Pageant, and I’ve even had some orders from as far away as Japan…. The world has clearly gone loopy for the Jubilee!

Hope you like what I’ve made….. You can see more of my work on my Etsy and Folksy shops…. apologies that there’s a mixture of sterling and dollars, but some are on Etsy and some on Folksy hence the difference!

Corgi brooch, $20

Corgi Pendant, $20

Vintage Queen Stamp Pendant, £12

Vintage Queen Stamp Pendant, $20

Union Flag Pendant, $18

Union Flag Bracelet, $18

Street Party Bunting Pendant, $20

Mini Street Party Bunting Pendant, $18

And my favourite piece……

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Charm Bracelet, £18


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