A few days in Paris

So I’ve just finished packing, washing my hair, charging camera batteries and generally getting excited…. I’m off to Paris very early tomorrow morning for three days and I can’t wait!

I first went to Paris a few years ago, very close to my birthday again, and with my American friend Michelle. She’s visiting London again now and staying with us for a week in the run up to my ‘official’ birthday celebrations, so when she called a few weeks back to see if I fancied another jaunt to Paris, well, I didn’t take much convincing!

Me at The Louvre

When Michelle and I went all those years ago, Paris was in the middle of a glorious heat wave and we spent the whole time outdoors (although for me it was under wide brimmed hats and silk scarves to protect my super-pastey skin!)…. then when Adam and I went a couple of Februarys ago we experienced an incredibly cold long weekend (so much so that I had to wear all the clothes I’d packed all at once!). This trip is set to be no exception to the extreme weather rule too…. it’s looking rather like it will rain for the most part, but I’m trying to stay optimistic! After all, it was Sabrina who said “Never an umbrella in Paris, and under all circumstances rain the very first day.”

Me at Notre Dame

So, I’m very much looking forward to new adventures, whatever the weather…… I can’t wait to show Michelle the stunning Sacre Coeur….. I’m excited about getting to see the Musee d’Orsay for the first time…. We are hoping to climb the steps to the top of Notre Dame for a wonderful view…. And we may pop out of the city to investigate the Palace of Versailles. Michelle has also been seeking out some markets to snoop about, so hopefully I will come back with some treasure too!

Well, I’ve got a train to catch in a few hours, so nighty night!

Ems x

Me at the Tour Eiffel


2 thoughts on “A few days in Paris

  1. I love these pictures – and am very jealous! So glad you are making the most of your time around your birthday!

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