Wednesday Wants…….. A trip to Selfridges full of wants

So I’m currently in Paris for a few days, but because I’ve managed to get relatively organised and I didn’t get around to this post last week, I thought I’d better schedule one in!

On Monday I took my American friend Michelle (visiting London for just a couple of weeks and now in Paris with me!) to Selfridges to look at some of their Big British Bang stuff….. I wanted to see all the special things they had on, and especially the roof top which has just been re-opened for the summer. There’s lots to see there during their special festival, especially if you’re into very British stuff….. there’s a lovely ‘Brittanica’ exhibiton of stunning 50s dresses….. The Bonpas and Parr Crazy Golf up on the roof, with cake inspired holes in the shape of London landmarks…. The first ever Highgrove pop-up store…. The Big British Shop, filled with extremely tempting British treasures…. A Dents exhibition of very Royal gloves…. The Daylseford roof top cafe….. and the Big Yellow Shop which features lots of iconic brands who have specially made their famous things in Selfridges yellow!

It’s no surprise then that I found LOTS that I wanted…..

Artisan mixer 6.9L frosted pearl, £799

I have a lovely white Kitchen Aid already…. I use it lots for baking and cooking and I wouldn’t be without it. But there’s no harm in wanting to upgrade right?! The new Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer is the best performing mixer in its class, and far bigger than the original one at 6.9 litre. As well as a bigger bowl, it boasts enhanced performance and a much more powerful motor (the man told us it was something in horse power, which made me think of cars so it must be powerful!). It comes in a lovely classy black, a sleek silver and a very cute candy apple…. but it’s the pearl one I love most…. the man let me stroke it and it felt sooooo good!

Dulcina peep-toe sandals, £845

There aren’t many things more British than a Pearly Kind and Queen….. and how better to honour that fine tradition than with Tabitha Simmons’ Dulcina sandals. Crafted from soft velvet, these elegant heels are accented with pearly buttons, embroidery and feather detailing. Love!

Ladurée: Savoury: The Recipes, £28

Following the success of Ladurée: Sucre, you can now get hold of this second volume of neverbefore – published recipes from the legendary Ladurée tearoom. Containing a hundred elegant recipes from Ladurée’s Chef, it’s full of beautifully photographed treats, and is stunningly packaged in velvety lilac, reminiscent of their famous macaron boxes. From duck foie gras with rose macaroon to vegetable tagliatelle with Ladurée tea and cardamom, as well as the taramasalata éclair with rose petals, the book presents a fine array of appetizers, main courses, fish, meat, salads and omelettes. Delish!

And on that note…. see you after Paris!

Ems x


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