A bit of a resolution….. turning 30 and promising to learn more about photography


Today is my 30th Birthday and I’ve been celebrating it for weeks now with picnics and nights out….. tomorrow I’m off for a very fancy breakfast at the Wolseley and on Sunday I’m having a ‘Fashionista’ Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley! But as well as drinking my weight in Champagne and yumming up more cucumber sandwiches than I can count, I also want to mark the occasion with something a little different.

Part of the reason I have this blog (a big part in fact) is to store up all the memories I want to ensure I don’t forget, and it’s for that same reason that I adore taking photos. I’ve been a pretty keen amateur photographer for a few years now, and my skills have come on a fair bit, but lately I’ve just been plodding along and not learning any new tricks or developing (excuse the pun) my skills very much. It’s fair to say that I’m pretty addicted to Instagram, which I think shows that at least I’m always wanting to take and share photos, but at the same time it doesn’t really offer much in the way of creative or technical development.

So, I have vowed to try harder…..

  • I want to learn more about my digital camera and start honing my skills with that (I have had a Canon G12 for just over a year but never played much with it as it’s so similar to the G10 I had before and actually loved learning about)
  • I have just taken three rolls of 35mm film in my Diana, which are ready to go to be developed….. once I’ve seen how they come out I’ll assess and take some more (and hopefully get better as I go!)
  • I’ve set up an Instacanvas Gallery which I hope to keep adding cool pics to…. and with any luck other people will like them too!
  • I’m planning on buying a very simple, original Holga, so that I can keep it with me and snap lots and lots (I find with the Diana there are too many tempting attachments I always want to take with it, so I may well use that mainly for 35mm film and the Holga for 120)
  • I MUST sort out my Flickr…. it’s gotten so messy and I hardly tag anything at all! I really should create some new folders and do some serious filing!
  • Tomorrow I’m off to a photography/blogging workshop at the Lomo shop….. I will get to try out the L-CA+ and shoot a film myself, as well as hearing talks from some very clever people who I also can’t wait to meet!
  • I have signed up for Campfire Chic‘s disposable camera swap (I buy a disposable, fill it with photos, then send it to someone I don’t know in America who will do the same for me!) which I found thanks to the brilliant Vixie at Matin Lapin. I can’t wait to play about with another disposable camera (had great fun with the under water ones on my holiday to St Lucia) and I’m super excited to see what I receive too!
  • I’ve also promised myself that I will get more photos printed…. I find the quality, service and value just wonderful at Photobox and have in fact just had a big order printed up, including some of my analogue shots and some of Adam’s incredible pictures to start selling at my craft fairs.
  • And although this will perhaps be the biggest commitment of all….. I am determined to sort out all my old prints which are all stored away in packets, rather than in the several pretty photo albums I have standing empty!

It would be great if I can improve my photos, especially as I like to use so many on here, not to mention it may help me sell things on my Etsy and Folksy shops. If anyone has any ideas to keep me going, tips and advice to help me out, or just general prodding enthusiasm to bestow, I would be most grateful!

Wish me luck!

Ems x


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