Something from the weekend….. Thursday and Friday, and the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp

The weekend, as all special weekends should, started on Thursday. I’ve been loving the cool events going on at the Old Vic Tunnels, so I didn’t take much convincing to go to their Summer Holiday Camp…. and even if I had, the promise of bouncy castle, trampolines, Punch and Judy, and popcorn would definitely have sealed the deal!

It’s not a natural venue for a summer themed event, but I do have a fondness for the tunnels, as I’ve seen some super stuff there and it reminds me of the venue under London Bridge where I produced one of my first events more than ten years ago. As one would expect, the place had been decked out in plenty of bunting, hoola hoops, wind breaks and pretty lanterns resting in vines draped across the ceiling, so we were soon into the spirit (especially as the Great British Summer was being its usual self outside and raining!).

We right away found that one tunnel had been set up as a badminton court, so I proceeded to embarrass myself in front of Adam and the attending security person, by showing how rusty I’ve gotten. Still, it was all good-natured fun and I did see a fast improvement over the evening, especially when we played as a doubles team with some other event goers and it got a little more competitive! Next, we hopped onto the bouncy castle and became amazed at how fast we became tired and short of breath….I used to bounce around on those things for hours as a child! Then it was a quick play around on the netball court before grabbing ciders, popcorn and deck chairs in readiness for watching the Punch and Judy show.

Now I love a Punch and Judy show, always have done, but Adam couldn’t recollect having seen one ever so it was a double treat! The show was really well played, and dead funny….as one would expect it was not in the slightest bit politically correct, but then that’s the tradition right?! I was also delighted that the Tootsie Rollers were to perform as I’ve been wanting to see them for a while….their retro style is very fitting for the type of events I produce, so I was keen to see them. They are super fun and cute, with gorgeous vintage costumes and dance moves…. I was pretty envious of their lovely hair styles and tap shoes too!


The Tootsie Rollers on stage at the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp


Waiting for the Punch and Judy Show to start at the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp

Well it being a school night, we didn’t stay too long, especially with a fun packed weekend ahead of us….. Friday was my actual birthday so I enjoyed a pretty relaxed day, before Adam came home and made me my special birthday supper. He is a genius when it comes to cooking eggs, and one of my all time favourite meals is eggs royale, so I put him to the test making his first ever hollandaise sauce and he excelled himself as usual! I chose another treat to drink alongside supper… one of my all time favourite wines, the Bacchus from Chapel Down in Kent. It’s so light and crisp and appley and summery…. I love it!


Adam’s Eggs Royale


Chapel Down Bacchus


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