Wednesday Wants…… Snap Happy

So as you may already have read, I’ve promised myself I’m going to work hard at bettering my photography skills over the next few months. And as such, I’ve been eyeing up some gadgets and whatnot….. all in the name of keeping me interested of course!

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit SLFT-IP4, $24.99 from Holga Direct

I’m afraid to say that my iPhone has recently been my camera on too many occasions…… it is after all always with me, easy to use, and doesn’t cost anything to use. Still, I don’t want to get too into a rut of using it, so perhaps something like this cool contraption will help keep me working at new techniques. The makers of the iconic Holga have now cast a little of their photography magic on the iPhone world with this awesome special effect lens kit. It is apparently very simple to install, and just slips onto an iPhone 4 or 4S just like a case. Once fitted, it gives access to 9 different special effects and filters without needing an app. I love the vivid colours and the way it looks like an old telephone dial. Would love to give it a go….looks like fun!

$24.99 from Holga Direct

Gizmon iCA iPhone Case, $65 from Holga Direct

And on that subject, how awesome does this little iPhone gadget look? It’s not just a groovy retro styled case either…. The integrated shutter button actually presses down on your phone’s volume up button so you can use it with many iPhone photo apps, and a detachable tripod mount allows you to shoot long exposures too. Oh, and there’s a handy mirror for self portraits. The price does seem a little steep though, although there are far less functional cases out there for more.

$65 from Holga Direct

Ringflash (also for Diana- LC-A and Holga), £59 from Lomography

I’ve had my eye on this for ages actually. I have a brilliantly cool flash for my Diana already, and you can slot colour filters into it for added effect, but this is something even better. The Lomography Ringflash completely surrounds the lens of a Diana, Holga or LC-A camera, and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. It is said to help create photos where skin is more radiant, eyes have circular reflections, and it gives crazy shadow effects around your subject when they’re against a wall. Solid-colored diffuser rings and multiple color filters can be used to create colored light too, even with four colours all at once.

£59 from Lomography (where you can also see the kind of photos you can achieve with this)

Holga 135 35mm BC Camera, $46.99 from Holga Direct

I’d really like a cheap little camera to throw into my bag, ready to snap up good analogue opportunities whenever I can. My Diana is great for this, but I have so many attachments for it that I always want to take, that it’s not always possible to keep it on me. So I think the super-simple Holga may be the answer, and I’ve long since admired the shots you can capture with them. This version is one of 3 variants of the 35mm range of Holga cameras… the original takes 120 film but of course it’s much easier to get hold of 35mm and cheaper too. This model is said to create a funky soft vignetting, achieved through the use of an internal mask. It also boasts a hotshoe, so I could use my Diana flash with it. The white version is also super cute, don’t you think?!

$46.99 from Holga Direct

BELL & HOWELL Autoload Super 8 Vintage Movie Camera with Power Zoom, £19 from Jessiepearl on Etsy

It’s always nice to throw something ‘pie in the sky’ into these little lists of mine, and when it comes to photography, a Super 8 camera is top of that list. Ever since one of the weddings I produced was shot in this format, I’ve had a love for the rickety charm of Super 8. And I’ve seen cameras for not that much, so it would seem it’s not too distant a dream to have a go…. However, developing the film is REALLY expensive and I’d hate to never be able to use one of these cameras and leave it collecting dust. So, I’ll just have to wait til I win the lottery.

£19 from Jessiepearl on Etsy

As usual, any additions or ideas gratefully recieved!

Ems x


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