Wednesday Wants….. let there be (stylish) light!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I would LOVE a studio to work in. I was very spoiled when I did my design degree as I was given a space of my own to work in…..but I did rather get used to it! I’ve always had some kind of a desk to work from at home, until I moved into Central London and traded the luxury of space for location. So I’ve been dreaming about what I would do if I had a spare room big enough to use as my own little studio….. and mainly about how I would make it pretty. Well, and practical of course! And where better to start than with the very necessary (but potentially super stylish) desk lamp….?

Glass Insulator Cantilever Desk Lamp, £91.83 from luce…antica on Etsy

This beauty by luce….antica is made from a recycled glass insulator and black cast iron pipe…. they will even make it from a selection of other pipes to order. I love the idea of things being made of other things (I used a phone box as a fish tank in a play once) and the concept of up-cycling is one that’s taken the world of Etsy and the hand-made by storm. But I especially love it when it’s done in an understated and practical way…. hence lusting after this!

Wine Bottle Oil Lamp Kit, £9.84 from Great Bottles of Fire in Etsy

So I know this isn’t a desk lamp, but should I struggle for surface space (not all that unlikely) then I think this is a brilliant idea. Great Bottles of Fire hand-make oil lamp kits for you to use with your own bottles….very cunning! You can even add scented oils in them (more space saving…no need for a separate oil burner or scented candle!) and of course, they even work when the power goes out! I also like the idea of using lots of mis-matched old drinks bottles, vintage milk bottles or even ones I could paint myself.

Goose Lamp Shade, £51.82 by Andrea and Son on Etsy

I do love a goose. If my ideal studio were in my ideal house, in the ideal countryside with an ideal garden, I would have a goose called Gemma. Until then though, I’ll lust after this gorgeous lamp by Andrea and Son. It’s made from blue and grey fabric and features cleverly positioned printed goose heads so that it looks like the lamp itself is their body! Genius!

Ems x

One thought on “Wednesday Wants….. let there be (stylish) light!

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