Trying out the Lomography LC-Wide at the LoBlography Event

A couple of Saturdays ago I took part in the ‘LoBlography’ workshop, at the Lomography Soho HQ. Designed to inspire bloggers and introduce analogue photography to those who hadn’t tried it, it was a super event and I enjoyed the chance to try out a new camera.

I’ve been intrigued by the little LC-A cameras for a while, as they are so compact and give great results even in conditions I know other analogue cameras struggle with. It’s much more expensive than the likes of the Holga and Diana, at around £250 so I was glad of the chance to try it out before potentially investing.

I was lucky enough to baggsy the LC-Wide which features an even more impressive lens and the ability to half close the shutter to play around with multiple exposures. It was a little tricky to get used to how it works, being so used to the Diana which is a lot more low-tech, but with a whole film to play about with for an hour, I started to get the hang of it….. Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the developed photos, but here they now anyway…..












I am quite pleased with them…. at least they all came out, despite the dull grey day and lack of natural light. And I really like some of the double exposed ones. The colours are great in all of them though I think, and where I’ve got the focus right (not that often!) they are nice and clear too. I did miss some of the fun of snapping with my Diana, but I do think the LC-A is more user friendly and quicker to pick up, mainly because of how it deals with low light and because it won’t let you forget to wind on!

There are more here on my Flickr page  too, as well as some other sets from the films I took in to be processed that day….. I’m rather chuffed with some of the shots I took with my Diana in Paris.

Ems x



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