My pick of the best…. hand creams

I think it’s fair to say that most women keep a tube or tub of hand cream on hand at all times, whether buried in their handbag or on their desk. I am certainly no exception, and in fact I think I’m probably a little obsessed by the stuff. If there’s a dispenser of good quality hand cream in the loos at a restaurant or bar, I never leave without sampling some, and I keep a well stocked selection about my person at all times.

It is actually one of the most important products you can have in your beauty bag…… Hands can become dry for for so many reasons (weather, the environment, air conditioning,washing up, for example) so it is well worth investing in a good quality product that suits you well. I have awful nails (I’ve tried jelly, supplements, the lot) so I can’t feel guilty for indulging this way, and to share a little in my obsession (and my belief that everyone should have some decent hand cream) I thought I’d show you my favourites, and the ones I’d most highly recommend……

If a delicious scent is your highest priority when purchasing a hand cream, I don’t think that Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn hand cream can be beaten. I treid this long before I ate Sea Buckthorn for the first time, so I wasn’t familiar with it’s scent, and rather thought it was just a fancy word for citrus. And it is super orangey-lemony, as well as melting in beautifully. Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the sea buckthorn and sesame oils it contains give an intense moisture boost, plumping and soothing cells to repair tired and damaged skin.  It’s a steal in my opinon at just £7.95 and a great size to keep in your handbag too. The matching body oil and lotions are also amazing, and everything is natural and cruelty free to boot.

Crabtree & Evelyn’s delicate Rosewater Hand Therapy is my favourite to keep on my desk. It has a handy (giggle) pump action dispenser, and the scent is beautifully subtle. It melts in well and is said to improve your skin’s barrier function to reduce moisture loss with its shea butter and ceramides. It also contains myrrh extract which is proven to condition nails. It’s not badly priced at £20 for 250g either, although it does feel a bit of a luxury.

And speaking of luxury…. I adore all of the Cowshed Spa products. They are a bit pricey, but well worth it. The ‘Knackered Cow’ body lotion is my favourite, which I use a small pot of as hand cream in my rucksack. It has an utterly dream scent which I’m always getting compliments on….. the lavender soothes and relaxes, whilst the eucalyptus clarifies and cleanses. The texture is beautifully milky, plenty thick enough to feel dead luxurious, but melts in perfectly. It’s £18 for 300ml, which I think is great value for its spelndidness.

This one’s pretty new on me, but I’m loving it already. I found out about Emu Oil whilst looking for something to help out my poor peeling nails. I’d heard that Almond Oil is by far the best thing to moisturise nails, and Emu Oil came up in a search for hand creams which contain it. The Cream contains three of the best natural moisturisers: Emu Oil (which penetrates all layers of the skin, transporting oils with it), Jojoba (known for its moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties) and Sweet Almond Oil (beneficial for cracked and painful cuticles). It has no real scent, but a gorgeous lemon-posset like texture. And because it’s made from all natural ingredients and contains no artificial colour or fragrance, it’s deeply soothing and hypoallergenic.

£28.00 code:733215N 150ml

I adore everything about Penhaligon’s…. their quaint, almost Victorian stores…. their beautiful, traditional packaging….. and their classic scents. Their hand and body creams are a real treat too, and come in the most gorgeous scents. I adore their Lily of the Valley and Malabah fragrances (the former for spring and summer with its head notes of bergamot, lemon and geranium…. the latter for the colder months with its heart notes of Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Rose and Orris), and I love that I can get matching products too. Their hand and body creams contain aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa seed butter and sweet almond oil, so they’re great for deeply moisturising the skin, as well as making them smell delicious. It’s £28 for a 150ml tube, so it’s a bit of a special treat really, but they also do a Hand and Nail Lotion in their Lavandula and Quercus fragrances, which comes in a 300ml pump bottle at £19 and is great for keeping on your desk.

My biggest reccomendation, and probably ‘the winner’ though has to be Duchy Originals Organic Moisturising Fig, Honey & Almond hand lotion. At £5.10 for a 250ml pump bottle, it’s amazing value, so there’s nothing to stop you lathering it on. It smells gorgeous and luxurious, and the texture is spot on (the perfect mixture of oil rich, thick and creamy, and easily melted in). As well as almond oil to help keep your nails super healthy, it contains soothing aloe vera and avocado oil, mega moisturising cacao seed butter, and everything is organic which will leave you feeling ever so virtuous. It’s rich enough that you only need a dab at a time really, so it lasts ages, making it even better value. Can’t recommend this one enough!
Ems x

3 thoughts on “My pick of the best…. hand creams

  1. I also love cowshed products. I currently have a lovely cream that was gift from Canada which I have now found out is £25 (though a little goes a long way as it is super rich). I will look into your recommendations when it runs out though.

    And in case you wanted to know what it is, it is Tokyo Milk Honey and the Moon Shea Butter hand cream

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