From A World of Pure Imagination….. Willy Wonka inspired ‘Bubblegum’ Jewellery

I’ve had this packet of vividly coloured plastic beads for ages…. I knew I wanted to use them together, all jumble up, because I loved all the colours and the texture so much. So I began playing around, clustering them together with threading wire….. and out of my messing about came these rings and pendants!

They really remind me of the bubblegum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….they are quite random clusters and the colours are very sugary sweet! Each one is unique….because they are totally hand made, no two are the same.

I have one of the all-colours ones myself, and love wearing it with all sorts….things that match….things that clash….to brighten up a casual outfit….and to offset a dressy ensemble!

I’ve just finished a whole load, using all the colours in some, and separating some colours for others. The rings are all silver plated and adjustable….the pendants come on a shiny silver plated chain. They are all under £10 and ready to buy on my Etsy shop….if you click on the images below it will take you to the respective listing. And there is only one of each colour!!!

As an added temptation, I’m still offering all Under A Glass Sky readers 10% off in the shop until next Friday…. just quote ‘BLOGIVERSARY10’ at checkout when prompted!

Hope you like them!

Ems x


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