Analogue photography and DIY all in one!

My friends over at Lomography UK have just drawn my attention to their latest release…. the DIY Sardina!

The little, super compact camera has received all kinds of makeovers since it was released, and on top of its awesome wide-angle lens and easy to use settings, it is quite the style icon.

But now you get to set the style yourself, with the new DIY Edition. A blank canvas, the camera boasts interchangeable panels made from special ink permeable material, so that you can draw on it, stick stuff to it, and generally up its fabulousness!

Included for your £99 is the camera and its set of white panels for you to customise at will, a set of transparent panels which allow you to affix multimedia materials on the body (photos, textiles, stickers, etc.) and a handy little screwdriver to help you take it apart.

It is just now available from the lomo online shop.

I would love one to doodle on when the sun’s not shining enough to take photos…..or decorate it with my own illustrations…..or maybe fill it with photos taken with it! Maybe I need three…..?!

Ems x


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