When we met the Domestic Sluttery, er, Sluts….

Just a quick post to say thank you to the lovely ladies of Domestic Sluttery who hosted a splendid cocktail evening yesterday. I took the boyf, and fellow Domestic Sluttery fan Siobhan along to the lush Malmaison in Clerkenwell. There we met pretty Sian (who I’d actually met a few weeks ago when she spoke at the LoBlography event) and pretty Frances, amongst other Sluttery readers, and drank lots of cocktails in the plush Champagne bar.

We started (and finished) with yummy Sex on the Beach cocktails, for which we decided on a collective noun of ‘An Orgy’. After that I tried out the Apple Martini and the Peach Bellini, both of which were super, and served by our very own fabulous barman to boot. Seeking something more manly, Adam did venture to the main bar downstairs, where he chatted about very special rums and sampled a rather lush Old Fashioned made from rum.

It was a lovely way to spend the evening….trying out a new bar, meeting new folk, and just chatting about nothing in particular. I’m afraid I was far too busy chatting though to take any photos to share here, but Adam did get all snap happy with Sian’s camera for a while so no doubt there will be some to see on their site soon. But because I don’t like to post without a pretty picture, here’s one of the dress I wore (actually the first vintage dress I ever bought….I’ve had it nearly 15 years!) and how I painted my nails to match….!

Ems x


5 thoughts on “When we met the Domestic Sluttery, er, Sluts….

  1. What a lovely post! Thank you so much for coming, was very lovely to hang out properly, especially after I rushed off so quickly after the Lomo event!

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