London 2012 Stamp

I love a stamp. Especially a self inking stamp. There’s something so satisfying about stamping something. It makes me feel important and official.

I think this dates back to my childhood, when I set up my own Post Office at my Nanna’s house during the school holidays, using a cardboard box with a window cut into it. I’d make my own envelopes and postage stamps, and then pretend to stamp them ready to be posted. I can’t vouch for whether they would ever get delivered, but my Nanna never made a formal complaint.

I found this beauty a few weeks ago at Paperchase, when my friend Michelle from the States was visiting, and it seemed acceptable for me to go souvenir shopping (despite having lived in London for over 10 years). I had absolutely NO need for it, but sometimes that’s half the joy in buying something, eh? AND it only costs £3. Three pounds! I’d have been crazy not to have bought it, and surely would have regretted it every day since, and probably for the rest of my life.

And I’m happy to say that it’s actually getting loads of use…. during the Jubilee, when I was selling my little corgi necklaces and Jubilee charm bracelets all over the world, I loved stamping their packaging with my special stamp. And now the Olympics is here, I’m sending all my orders out with the stamp on again. I think it’s nice when you receive something from far away that it looks a bit special and you can tell where it came from. Plus, our postage stamps in the UK tend to be a little dull when compared to Japan and New Zealand and places.

You can still buy them on the website…I’m not sure if they still have them in the shops. You should get one. They also have these lovely globe stamps, which are just £3 too. I’m going to save my sweet money and get one.

There’s a bit of a stamp theme going on at Paperchase in general actually. I also bought these cute little food pots at the same time as the stamp. They have lovely colourful stamp designs on them…one each of London, Paris, New York and Rome. They are dead handy, and store nicely inside each other like nesting dolls. They are a bargain too at just £7!

Again, I can’t think of a real use for them, but I’m sure I’d find something ace to do with these little stamp design wallets. They have that cool twirly string closure that I love, and they are only £1.50 for two. Hard to resist!


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