Wednesday Wants….. British Stationery for the summer of 2012

There are few things I love much more than posh stationery. And one of the most luxurious things I own is my little pink ‘Panama‘ notebook by Smythson. I just adore the soft, supple lambskin cover, and the super fine, pale blue pages edged with silver are just gorgeous. I’ve had mine for a while now….it lives in my rucksack for when I need to write ideas down when out and about. It’s aged beautifully, and I know when it runs out I won’t want any other product to take its place.

Yesterday, passing the Smythson shop at the Royal Exchange, I spotted a rather vivid display, designed I think to celebrate the summer games. There are five of the Panama note books arranged in one row of three over another row of two, in black, red, green, blue and orange. I have no doubt in fact that they are meant to subtly reflect the famous logo for the games, and to attract the attention of some of the many extra tourists in the area.

Now, as much as I love a tacky souvenir (snow globes a favourite), I’ve not really seen anything I would really want to buy, in terms of 2012 related treasures. Probably for the best really, as there was SO much I wanted around the Jubilee. However, as I looked closer at Smythson’s display, I realised I’d found a whole load of ‘souvenirs’, very much in my style……

Whilst you can buy a plain Panama, they also have a wonderful range of gold embossed motto notebooks. Mine simply says ‘notes’ but I’ve been fawning over the ‘top secrets’ and ‘feeling groovy’ ones since I first spotted them. The ones I spotted in the window were all new to me though, and fit together in a theme of inspiration, Britishness and sportyness. There’s ‘Jump for Joy’, ‘Champion’, ‘Game On’, ‘Best of British’ and, my favourite, ‘Your Country Needs You to Party’. How lovely is that?! Many of them come in several colours, although it’s the green that’s really caught my eye.

The smallest size Panama is £35. So it’s not like I’m going to pick up one of each and write my supermarket shopping lists in them. But perhaps Father Christmas will bring me one to save for best.

Ems x


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