Rockrose Photography at Hannah and Jamie’s wedding

I wrote about my gorgeous weekend down in Devon for Hannah and Jamie’s wedding a couple of weeks ago… I’ve even dropped off the roll of Velvia film I took whilst there (all I need to do now is pick it up!). But whilst I wait to see if I got a couple of decent analogue shots or not, I thought I’d share the professional photos from the day.

Hannah and Jamie were lucky enough to find Rockrose Photography and secure a booking with them to take photos of the wedding. Local girls Becs and Jules came along to the tiny village of Knowstone to take photos throughout the day….at the intimate ceremony, the stunning church blessing and the village hall knees up….and Hannah has just put me onto their lovely blog post about the day….

I’m so impressed with all the photos….they so capture what a perfect day it was, with the incredible sun, the stunning couple, and lots of happy people! I even don’t mind the photos of me, which is rare! They got some great shots of the little cake topper I made too. It’s not often I’ll rave about wedding and event photographers….I’m so picky….but these guys are quite obviously brilliant at what they do.

The below picture is one of my favourites from their post and if you click on it you’ll get through to their post itself….

Ems x


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