Wednesday Wants….. Hand Made treasures by HandyMaiden

I come across treasure I want every day on Etsy. It’s an occupational hazard. Rarely do I come across an entire shop of things I desperately want though….but this week I did just that!

HandyMaiden is a darling little Etsy shop, selling hand painted jewellery and collectables. Each piece is sculpted from polymer clay and then is cured and meticulously hand painted….. the detail is amazing and each piece has its own little character. They are then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish, and come in their own small kraft box, ready for gifting.

Cute Packaging!

The treasures break down into three main categories…. the animal medal, the bird in flight necklace, and the pocket totem. I want one of each. In every design. And considering the price, that’s not actually *too* pie in the sky…. the treasures range from about £15 to £40, which I think is excellent value, and shipping to the UK is just £3.29.

If I *had* to choose though……

Custom bird in flight necklace, £39.50

How stunning are THESE?!?! And so wearable too! I am in LOVE with that Puffin!

You can actually ask for any bird you like to be made specially….I was thinking that a Goldfinch would be nice and it’s one of my favourites. They are about 1.5′ wide, so big enough to be a statement but small enough that you don’t feel silly. They take about 3 to 4 weeks to make, but make a great gift for a special birthday.

Custom animal medal, £32.92

And how adorable are these little medals?! You could wear these as a brooch on a cute cardi, or use them to embellish a bag even. Again, you can choose any animal….I adore the little bambi there, but the bear is lovely too! A great idea as a well-done gift I reckon!

Any animal pocket totem, £34.24

Now I have no logical *need* for a pocket totem of any sort, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love it, and sometimes the best gifts are something you don’t need! You can have a pocket totem made as any animal you like, and they even make pet portraits too! I would love a little totem of each of the dogs in my life (Adam’s mum’s Newton and Piper….and Adam’s brother’s Buddy and Peanut)…and Hedges the cat of course.

There are also brooches and earrings in the shop, so if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover…look no further!

Ems x


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