A treat to myself…. Rediscovering the Fashion Wheel


Last week my friend Katie reminded me of the awesomeness of the Fashion Wheel. I actually never had one as a kid, but I did get to play on a friend’s and loved it! I had something similar actually….I must get my Mum to look for it…. It was a sort of Victoria Plum version, where you slotted little mixable tiles into a frame and then put your paper over that to make your rubbing. I’d love to have it to play around with again!

Anyway, in the mean time, I decided to have a snoop on EBay and found a proper original Fashion Wheel for less than a fiver including postage! It doesn’t have the original papers, pencils and crayon tool but I have stuff kicking around that I can easily use instead.

It did however arrive in the original box! Check out that side pony tail! I love the 80s!


Now I can’t deny it wasn’t a bit of a spur of the moment purchase, but it is a bit of history (it is!!!) and I know I’ll use it for making things to sell…. I’d love to make some gift tags and cards using it especially. I can maybe even make some jewellery on shrink plastic using the designs!


I also love the idea of just having it out on show in my studio….I just need to get the studio now!

What were your favourite kids toys? Did you have a fashion wheel or the Victoria Plum version? Did you have a Mr Frosty?!?! *goes to check EBay again*

Ems x


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