Disposable Camera Swap with Camfire Chic

Aaaaaaages ago now, I signed up for a disposable camera swap on the brilliant Campfire Chic blog. I heard about it through the awesome Matin Lapin, and knew right away I had to get involved!

With the blog itself entering its third year, Campfire Kam wanted to celebrate with a disposable camera swap…..The idea is that you sign up to get matched to another signer-upper, you go out taking photos with a disposable camera, and then you send it off to your partner! AND…of course that means you get one from them too!

I loved the idea of not knowing how the photos I’d taken would come out, AND that I’d get to develop a film when I had no clue what it contained!

Anyway, after sending my camera off to the far away land of America, I got my partner’s camera in the post in return…and FINALLY I’ve had it developed!

I’m so pleased with the photos I was sent….they are so utterly different to the ones I sent! Living in Central London, I decided to take shots of the Thames, the Monument, Tower Bridge, London buses etc. And in return I got some incredible shots from the mountains in America! There are horses, and diners and all sorts of sunny scenes….the total opposite to the rather grey, built-up shots that must have been on my camera!

Anyway, I’ve just uploaded the shots to my Flickr, where you can see the ones I was sent…..here….. I’m also going to add them (when it lets me!) to the Campfire Chic Flickr Pool…..and you can see lots of the other participants’ photos there too!

I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here though (you know how I like a post to have lots of pictures!)….. Enjoy!

Ems x



3 thoughts on “Disposable Camera Swap with Camfire Chic

  1. What a great idea. Assume they are disposable digital cameras, not the old 35mm kind that you used to see at wedding receptions?

    Even better idea maybe, take photographs on your own camera and swap memory sticks, or transfer the photos onto a cheap flash drive and swap that.

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