Wednesday Wants……. home making with Not On The High Street

As we prepare to move from our little London flat, to our big new house in the country (how ‘rah’ does that sound?!) we’re doing lots of shopping for the new bits of furniture we need. We’ve been to charity furniture warehouses, vintage markets, car boots, and big chain-style shops to find what we *need*. And we’ve done pretty well, all told….we quickly agreed on a sofa, which we just heard should be with us very soon after we move in (everyone touch some wood please)….we’ve been very lucky with some second hand treasures….and we have placed the inevitable Ikea order (who knows when that will arrive?!).

But of course, with all this shopping and searching going on, and me being me, I haven’t been able to help but be distracted by things we certainly don’t *need*, but I nevertheless *want*! So, I’d better get some of it out of my system, eh?……

Floral Vintage Linen Tea Towel Screen, by The London Chair Collective, £500

I’ve wanted a screen since I was a little girl. You see them in all the glamorous old films, and they conjure images of elegant lifestyles and super-chic people. If I have my way, and I’m lucky enough to find time, I fully intend to make one at some point….what it will look like will depend on what I find to make it with and whatever my whim is at the time….but in the meantime I’ll dream about this one. I adore florals, and bright, slightly-clashy colours. And this was has those aplenty. It’s £500 though, so will remain a *want* I think!

Memory Balloon Ceiling Light, by John Moncrieff, £99

I nearly died when I saw these. I mean, could there be a more clever, more whimsical, or more enchanting way to light a room?! These hand blown glass balloons are actually working ceiling lights, and come in red, green, orange, blue, pink, yellow and opal… you can match with your room, or make it look like a party with one of each! Again, they don’t come cheap, but they’re worth every penny in my opinion, because they are just so bally amazing.

Handmade Wedding Beach Hut Bird Box, by Lindleywood, £50

Of course, one shouldn’t neglect one’s garden when home-making, nor the creatures you might find there. And to that end….I want this gorgeous bird house! If I were a bird, I know I’d want to live there, and even if nobody wants to live in it, I know I’d love just having it in my garden to look pretty. You can even have it personalised…I suppose it’d be best to have our names on it though, as we won’t know the name of the birds who’d like to live in it until it’s all up in the garden.

Everything you see above is from the wonderful website Not On The High Street, where you’ll find amazing hand made treasures by the dozen. Just click on the picture to take you to each product I’ve talked about, or click here to go to their home page for some serious treasure hunting!


Ems x


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